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Internet Work From Home – Steps to Increasing Your Income

With the current state of the economy, many more people are asking how to increase (or replace) their regular income.  Both traditional and Internet work from home businesses have been used now for many years as a quick way to start a new venture with minimal expense.   The lowest cost traditional businesses are usually MLM based ventures, whereas additional low cost options are available on the Internet, based on Internet marketing.  In this article we focus mainly on Internet work from home options.

Using Internet marketing as a basis, several options are available, including setting up an online store, selling on Ebay or other such sites, and affiliate programs.  Internet marketers have used each of these with great success and many now are selling, or even giving away ebooks and courseware to help others getting these types of businesses started quickly.  Combining Internet marketing with traditional MLM is an emerging option.

When considering the Internet marketing, both paid and organic search engine techniques are available.  Considering mainly the organic search engine optimization route to increasing your income, what are the steps needed.  Generally now, most Internet marketers agree on the following needed steps:

  • Establishing a Blog – A WordPress blog is now the most highly recommended way to achieving organic search engine rankings.  The blog should relate to your main areas of interest and expertise, which should flow naturally out of topics that are related to your main area(s) of business.  Your blog should express your niche area of business expertise.
  • Advertise your Blog –  This can be a very natural process of submitting articles from your blog to relevant online directories, and publishing in as many venues as possible.  Noted author and business networking expert, Dr. Ivan Misner, refers to this step as a 2% solution.  In other words, doing this step will place your business in the top 2% or your field, mainly since so few individuals will do it.
  • Generate leads – By using an offer on your blog, or a link to one or more websites containing a valuable offer, build a list of “subscribers.”  Your offer can be an ebook, a video course, or something else of value.
  • Monetize your subscriber list – In the beginning, you may start with a very small purchase, such as a $1 trial offer, but your “system” should contain other offers of greater cost once you have proven that you truly deliver value in your beginning offers.  If you participate in network marketing, you can introduce those with similar interests to your MLM business eventually.

In our particular case, the offer from the main blog consists of a $1 trial in building a system supporting any MLM business.  The “system” contains proven Internet marketing tools which result in affiliate commissions, so we do receive commission.  In addition, our “clients” are trained to follow this system and generate their own affiliate commissions.  This process is known as a “funded proposal,” since it supports our marketing efforts for the main MLM business.

For more information on the steps to increasing your income and test drive our attraction marketing MLM lead generation “system” using MLM Lead System Pro and begin to work from home, please continue to follow this blog for additional ideas and resources.

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