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Katie Freiling Review – Her 6-Figure Marketing System for Social Media

Katrie Freiling is one of the “new breed” of internet marketers who has recently emerged online. She currently generates 40 to 100 leads daily on Social Media, and receives multiple streams of income from her online efforts.

She was already heavily in debt when a friend introduced her to network marketing.  She failed for her first year until she turned to the Internet, where she found Jonathan Budd’s coaching.  She invested in his coaching program and started making Internet videos, under his guidance.  As many people do, she struggled and had to stretch herself in getting on camera, but began to be successful for the first time.  Later, she discovered blogging, which she now attributes her success as she began to develop her “brand.”

At this point, she started to generate automated leads, based on her brand, and launched her first product in blogging coaching.  She earned $31K in two hours.  On her second launch, she earned $160K in two weeks.  Now, she can earn $10-30K via affiliate email offers to her list.  She believes that the biggest reason for her following is being authentic and passionate about what she is sharing.  It is all about building a following who will stay with you for years.

The centerpiece of Katie’s marketing system is her Blog.  She uses Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, etc. as spokes connecting to her blog in order to grow a social media following.  One of Katie’s secrets is that her social media following constantly syndicates her content.  This provides backlinks to her blog, e.g., from her follower’s websites.  This naturally increases your own page rank, leading to free traffic from the search engines.

Katie’s blog is then used to build her list via her opt-in “gift.”  Then you can build relationships with the list and will be able to sell to these people for the rest of time.  This is the secret:  consistently building a relationship with your list between 1-3 times per week.  This will lead to high conversion rates on your offers.  It is important to note that merely sending offers to the list is insufficient.

Here are the 5 common mistakes made on social networks:

  1. Selling or pitching without providing value – a fatal error.   Social media is about building relationships.
  2. Not having a blog.  Capture pages are not sufficient because people are networking; not doing keyword searches.  You need to build authority and rapport instead.
  3. Not being consistent with content.  Don’t try a couple weeks and then quit.
  4. Not growing a targeted following.  Tweets are probably ignored by most of your Twitter followers.
  5. Not having strategies and not being organized.  Don’t get sucked in to conversing with everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is Katie’s 6-Step Social Media Action Plan:

  1. Brand yourself with a blog.  Choose YourName.com, or xxx.com if you’re more concept oriented.  Even if you don’t know exactly what your brand is, it will come together when you start branding
  2. Do your social media marketing.  Get accounts on social media and add targeted friends and followers.  This should be from 20 minutes to a max of 2 hours per day (Katie spends 20-30 minutes per day).
  3. Create value based content (1 to 3 times per week).  This can be video, audio, text.  Katie does mostly video.
  4. Market your posts.  Share with your social media followers; asking them to share in turn.  Join a tribe to promote a team’s content.
  5. Nurture and grow a relationship with your list.  Your content is the solution for sharing with your followers.
  6. Grow your income streams.  Make sure you have something in place to earn from your efforts.  Do mini-launches every month or so to leverage your efforts, e.g., coaching offers.

Katie’s methodology may not be for everyone, but it certainly is a methodology that is proven to work over time.  It doesn’t have to take that much time, as many assume at first when considering getting into social media for the first time. For additional ideas, we have free Facebook training available, from a recent My Lead System Pro private training session.

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