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Mia Davies Review – Using Video Marketing to Generate Leads Online

Mia Davies is an up and coming networker and attraction marketing guru who specializes and puts emphasis on video marketing. Her credentials are quickly growing, as a top recruiter in My Lead System Pro, one of the Internet’s leading attraction marketing systems and the top female recruiter in her primary business. She attributes much of her success and growth to her use of video marketing concepts, and believes that the use of video marketing is changing the landscape in the current network marketing environment. In this review we wanted to take a closer look at her success and glean some wisdom from one of her recent videos, just released for public consumption and a recent webinar.
In our own Attraction Marketing Challenge, we have repeatedly emphasized and leveraged some of our own past success in order to gain confidence in really having the ability or what it takes to “finish the course.” In Mia’s recent video, she emphasizes a key truth, that 98% of you accomplishments are due to mindset. Sure, technique and process are important, but overwhelmingly, mindset will rule in the end. So if you’ve been failing up to now, just look within for the majority of the solution and answer to what you’ve been seeking.

Mia’s use of video marketing in her network marketing business has been the key for her spectacular success and personal growth.  In her case, she has leveraged her own video marketing successes to conquer her own fears and move forward in many areas of life.  It has given her confidence to realize that many people have come to know, like and trust her because they’ve become followers of her videos on YouTube and Facebook.  Although she has been able to rank her videos on Google, page 1, that is not the key.  It’s all about building relationships.

Video is the most powerful tool for getting people to know, like and trust you.  This is the most important part of turning people into buyers of what you’re offering.  Internet video allows you to leverage your time, literally creating relationships 24×7 as they watch your videos.

According to Mia, most people avoid videos because of fear of what they’ll sound like or that they’ll make a bad video.  But the truth is that you’ll gain people’s respect by making your own videos and you’ll get progressively better.  As you relax and just be yourself, you’ll relate to and inspire people as you share your knowledge and experiences.  By taking action, you’ll make the world better because of the fact you’re sharing your own unique contributions.  Visit our attraction marketing system for more information on attraction marketing for your network marketing business.

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