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Best MLM Companies – Should I Join World Ventures?

In this article we review the World Ventures network marketing opportunity to see if you should join it and if it, as some claim, is a scam.  Some have called it a scam due solely to the “pyramid” structure and the fact that representatives can recruit others and earn an override.  Just because override commisions are paid, doesn’t automatically make it a scam, though.

The company, based in Plano, Texas, takes advantages of network marketing and word of mouth referrals.  Founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue launched the company in December 2005 and the company expanded into several global markets in 2009

The fact that so many people like to travel and often dream of exotic locations should make this company’s offerings very popular.  Each person has to decide for themselves if it is a good fit for them and something that would get them moving in the morning.  Since a service is being sold, however, this is a legitimate business despite the MLM structure, which many equate to a pyramid scam.

World Ventures offers two levels of membership:  Dream Trips Membership and Leisure Travel Consultant.  The Dream Trips Membership is oriented to customers who are interested in travel savings and taking advantage of its travel planning services.  Leisure Travel Consultants (LTC) earn commission on sales to customers and can enroll and train other LTCs on their team, therby earning override commissions.

After reviewing the background of the World Venture founders, however, several questions have been raised about their ethics.  One reviewer who says he knows them well asserts out that Wayne Nugent has left a wake of “failed” travel companies in his path including Smarttravel, Travelogia, and Global Travel Trends.  In the 4 years prior to 2005 there were 6 companies in all.  Others vouch completely for the founders’ ethics and business approach.  Another insider  reports that the “money guy” Wayne brought into Smarttravel was in control and brought the company down and further that he never even owned Travelogia.

An interesting note by one seemingly knowledgeable source points out the the WorldVentures.com domain was created in 2002, indicating some forethought and planning took place.  Was it due to dissatisfaction with management or were the failures of their previous companies orchestrated in some way?

If you like to travel and World Ventures is a fit for you, a marketing system can assist in building your business.  To learn how to generate leads for your business online, please visit our attraction marketing system for further information and some free training offers.

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