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MLM Prospecting – Getting into the Right Mindset

In this article, we discuss the importance of having and staying in the right mindset to achieving the most success in the prospecting for your network marketing business. While prospecting activities are vital,  the right mindset is the one factor that may be the most critical to the eventual success or failure of your enterprise. It isn’t like being an employee where you can just mindlessly clock-in and out each day; rather how you think will play a major part in determining your daily and overall results and most importantly your earnings.

Perhaps this is why the majority of people favor or gravitate to just getting a job, with the “guaranteed” weekly pay. But since you’ve chosen a riskier path with higher potential rewards, you must pay attention to mindset.  What steps have you taken to develop and nurture the mindset that is absolutely vital for your success?

Sales and prospecting in any business requires a firm underlying belief in the value of the activities you undertake each moment.  This is where the battles are won and lost.  Many “say” they believe in the industry and their company, but does their belief translate into positive action “in the moment?”  Is it that their beliefs exist at a superficial level and aren’t internalized deeply enough to translate into actions need for success?  This may be what it comes down to.

You’ve got to believe that your mentors have you on the correct path for your eventual success and that taking action is moving you down the path toward your success.  Of course there is always a time and place for course correction, but in most cases it is a matter of just moving forward with confidence.  Having more than one mentor or getting a second opinion can be helpful, as long as you are selective in your choices.  And of course you should be a perpetual student of sales, prospecting, and people skills via as many CDs, DVDs and books as you can possibly absorb.

As a side note, you should be cautious of the many voices and wary of who you listen to.  Are you getting advice from only those who have a level of success that you would like to personally attain?  Or are you listening to someone close to you that hasn’t actually achieved the levels you are seeking?  Be careful of even entertaining thoughts from anyone who isn’t in a position that you would aspire to attain.

Mindset will set your course.  Your beliefs will cause you to take the actions necessary to move you forward or possibly could be holding you back.  Even if you operate in the 9-5 work world, your thoughts and mindset could be limiting your achievement, but as an entrepreneur you must be a master of your own mindset.  When you are, you will control your destiny.

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