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Network Marketing Basics – Using a Duplicatable Approach

Does everyone have to be a celebrity with 1000+ names list or completely understand and be able to use sophisticated attraction marketing systems in order to succeed in network marketing? Obviously these are helpful factors, but what are the most important things that an average person can do?  The most critical aspect is a system or approach that is consistent and workable.

Having a system is important so when someone new joins your team, you can plug them into a consistent training method that gets them started with tools and strategies that are proven to work and are duplicatable.  If you don’t have such a system, then you might have to create it yourself or find a leader that has a system you can take advantage of.

After they’ve done your start-up training you can tailor the approach they should be taking according to their skill-set, interests, and goals.  Some people who are more technical, might want to take on attraction marketing as a method of generating leads, whereas others may be better at using offline marketing techniques.

Another important consideration to maximize duplication on your team is using experts to close after you’ve presented your business or products.  An expert in your business may have already achieved significant success or be a noted authority in the field.

When involving an expert in the process, you must build-up, or edify the expert.  This is important in order that their information is viewed as highly valuable and/or coming from a person having extremely valuable insights that will be helpful to the prospect.  It is also important to give control to the expert to share his/her information without interruption.  Even if they say something incorrect, you should not interrupt them.  Remember you want your prospect to “see” this person as someone more knowledgeable and/or having more success than he/she does vs. just a peer.

Having a systematic and duplicatable approach is essential, especially when using attraction marketing.  This doesn’t mean that you can recruit on 100% autopilot, but it does require consistency using only the most effective approaches.  Expect also that you’ll have to continually tweak your system, as the industry is in constant flux and products are being revised by your company and your competition on a continuous basis.

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