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Network Marketing Basics – How the Recruiting Process Works

Network marketing consists of three ways to earn a paycheck.  These are selling products, recruiting distributors, and duplication in the team.  There is one thing that drives all the wheels of production: recruiting.  One recruit can turn into 50,000 customers, and, for this reason, recruiting  should have your primary focus.

Why don’t people join?  Not because of the best product, price, compensation plan, your closing skills, or the business you’re in.  What is the secret force or skill behind why they join.  So why do they join?

There are a five core motivators that people have to getting involved in any MLM business (all must be in place):

  • They like you
  • They trust you (a business trust)
  • They believe it will work
  • They believe they can do it
  • They’ve got some sort of need, want or goal that it will provide for

Given this, how does the sponsoring cycle work?  First, there must be a trusted relationship.  If a trusted relationship doesn’t exist, it is pointless to bring up a business opportunity.  Once it exists, you need to find a need, want or goal.  Then you can move to third party presentation and social validation.

The power triangle can overcome issues when your prospect doesn’t have a business trust, but a base trust level does exist.  An expert can be introduced to overcome this issue.  You’ve seen it work before when an out-of-town “big wig” makes a company presentation.  Your prospects might not listen to you, but they’ll sign up based on what the “expert” says.  Most of the time it is used via 3-way calls.  Here are the overall steps:

  1. Start with existing relationships having a needs-based conversation
  2. Send prospect to a simple 3rd party presentation by a credible expert
  3. Validate the message using 3 way calls with someone who can relate to your prospect
  4. Close using a live event (online, offline, or over the telephone)
  5. Plug your new team member into a simple system where they get training by someone who is already making money.

Interesting enough, the same “old school” techniques are still working.  It’s just that there are now more compelling, more efficient, streamlined ways of meeting new people, building new relationships and sponsoring than ever before.  For further details, complete training, and a simple system for attraction marketing, we invite you to our attraction marketing mastermind.

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