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Network Marketing vs. Internet Marketing Top Tier – What is the Best Choice?

Many business opportunity seekers are asking the question whether network marketing or “pure” Internet marketing is a better business model.  Most Internet marketers have defaulted to the latter, often due to their lack of success with network marketing.  Most top-earning online marketers focus on “top tier” Internet programs, generally oriented to educating other Internet marketers on various methods and aspects of setting up a successful Internet business.  These “top tier” programs generally come with a hefty price tag and huge immediate gratification, which is one reason for their popularity.

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Network marketing offers a completely different residual income approach and opportunity, given that a good vehicle is chosen, e.g., a company and product that isn’t too hard to “swallow.”  A big problem with network marketing, is that the initial payouts seem miniscule in comparison with their “top tier” Internet counterparts.  Network marketers really work for slave wages initially, deferring their compensation to a “residual income stream” later on.

The network market’s job is actually to get people to understand and see the scope and magnitude of the opportunity itself.

Most people don’t really see the big picture with network marketing, though.  The network marketer’s job is actually just this .. to get people to understand and see the scope and magnitude of the opportunity itself.  This often takes a series of steps, or exposures, in order to gradually “convince” people or get them to “see” the true picture.  This is true both before people join as well as after they have “decided,” and inked the agreement.

Most find that a huge problem in getting people to succeed in a network marketing business, is getting them to take action.  The initial income stream seems so small, that most people vastly underestimate the long-term potential, therefore totally failing to engage.  Have you ever bought an audio course and then done nothing with it?  This is exactly what happens to new distributors, who make an initial purchase to join your network marketing business.  It is simply human nature to get distracted and many NEVER take concrete action with the business that you “convinced” them to join.

Have you ever bought an audio course or book and then done nothing with it?

Many people join, based on initially hearing the concept.  But the problem is that the concepts must be continually reinforced and strengthened.  As with most buying decisions, their initial decision to “join” is based on emotions which, for many, are not sustained.  A select few have no issue and once they “get it,” become unstoppable.  But this isn’t true for the vast majority.  A successful network marketing business must therefore be constructed on a firm foundation of reinforcement of the initial buying decision, and detailed step-by-step training.  Without this, the attrition rates experienced by most will not sustain a viable business.

A select few have no issue and once the “get it,” become unstoppable.

Maybe the “top tier” program sale is an easier route then?  It’s more like a “hit and run” encounter, without the necessity for follow-on and follow-up in building a team.  That is the choice, isn’t it?  Clearly, the rewards of true residual income will outweigh most “big sales,” but are you willing to make effort needed to achieve these rewards.  The choice is yours.

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