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Network Marketing Online Using Facebook Applications

Are Facebook applications destined to be the next big development in the realm of Internet marketing?  If you’re in the MLM/network marketing niche, particularly using the Internet to generate leads, you may find this to be the case.  Maverick network marketer David Wood is exerting his considerable influence in his most recent campaign and, incorporating many proven concepts in his next generation MLM recruiting system on Facebook.

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Facebook applications provide a very powerful business tool, as well as a familiar interface to many that are used to Farmville and other popular Facebook games.  To date, the practice of using Facebook applications has been reserved for larger companies, due to the cost.  Affordable tools are starting to be made available, particularly in the local marketing realm.  David Wood may be the first to develop a Facebook application specifically for network marketing recruiting purposes.

David Wood pioneered the use of article marketing strategies for the network marketing community, when many believed it to not be possible.  What he did was merely demonstrate how a homeless person living in a van, could tap into the Internet, as a complete marketing newcomer, and develop a following of over 30,000 in under two years.  Now in taking his vision to the next level, he is using the Facebook webinars application as a viral presentation tool and driving massive traffic via his followers, many of whom have become rabid article marketing “machines,” under his leadership.  Here are the features included in the system he’s put together:

  • Use of Facebook application to generate leads as well make a presentation
  • Free MLM recruiting and lead generation training
  • Automated list building (leads) without the need for squeeze page, capture pages, etc.
  • Tracking of referrals to the Facebook application

Anyone who is serious about their MLM business should at least understand what their competition is up to.  If not, you’re sure to be left in the dust.  Need further proof of the effectiveness of this method?  Here are a couple of testimonials from using the system:

Just got a sign-up today!  Someone I haven’t even talked to…..Maybe it’s the 90-day challenge!!” Andie Petoskey

We’ve got an incredible amount of people through the presentation in a short time – over 1347 in 5 days!  Not bad. This is just the beginning – I’m working on cranking out the funnel, and soon – if we all just keep blogging and linking to the presentation – as a team we’ll have 1347 people watching the presentation EVERY five days!  (Then, every day…) David Wood

And, the following are some recent Alexa traffic rankings resulting from David’s team sharing content on the team website (note that David is no longer associated with this property):

For comparison purposes, traffic is compared to Internet marketing “sensation” Jonathan Budd, as well as entire MLM companies, e.g., Herbalife.com and USANA.com.  Since starting this promotion, the results have been off the charts, literally.

To see for yourself what all this commotion is about, please visit the following Facebook application link and decide for yourself.  But I assure you that David Wood and company are putting up numbers the likes of which have never before been seen in network marketing, or the Internet itself.

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