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Network Marketing Prospecting – Do MLM products matter?

In this article we look at network marketing prospecting and the role that top MLM products can make in developing a successful business.  In this regard, there are a couple of schools of thought.  Those that teach attraction marketing and branding yourself and those with a more product-centric strategy.  Also, the eternal question is whether to lead your marketing efforts with products or your business opportunity.  Which is correct?

Finding the right balance for yourself will help you to most effectively and more quickly enter the “winner’s circle” in your network marketing or home business venture.  Certainly branding yourself vs. the MLM products or company is a key factor.  In sales, it is well known that people buy from people and that marketing is “king.”  How many companies have dominated their industry with mediocre products?  Truly, effective advertising campaigns can “tip the scale.”

But don’t quality products make a difference?  Yes.  For one, if you’re knowingly foisting inferior products on your marketplace it will be hard to stay consistent with your own values.  And you’ll also be doing a disservice to your customers, making referrals more difficult to come by.  Thus, conventional “wisdom” that you can, with proper technique, sell ice cubes to an eskimo, may be only temporarily true.

Companies selling inferior products will eventually “face the music.”  But aren’t there are many network marketing “millionaires” selling “mediocre” quality MLM opportunities and products?  How many times have you seen someone “sold” on an opportunity based on the earnings of a top producer?  Perhaps this factor should be given less weight in selecting a company.

Attraction marketing is vitally important, but most effective when coupled with truly excellent products and company leadership.  Of course your own personal “story” will be your most effective sales tool.  What have been your own results with the products your company provides?  Without a “personal” success story, your prospects will intuitively understand that you’re “selling” them, in the worst sense of the word.

The best sales person is not one who knows all the product’s ingredients and features.  What people really want are results.  When your product or services fill the gap for someone and provide not only what they need, but what they want…you have a sale.  Thus the best network marketing prospecting will be done based on your own personal success story.  How did your company’s products make a difference for you?  It is best to connect with your prospects on this level.

But attraction marketing is still important so that you can expose your own product experience to as many people as possible.  Making yourself the “authority” figure through attraction marketing will accomplish exactly this.  This is how all top network marketers have achieved their success.  Most have done it through conventional means in “spreading” the word.  Now, many new tools, including the Internet can accomplish the same results in much shorter and compressed time span.

So what is the bottom line?  You need to have some “notoriety” with your own success story using your company’s products and/or business money making plan.  That may sound simple, but at the same time take awhile for many people.  Finding the right combination will “unlock” much wealth in your life, if you find the best product for your own needs and are also able to attract prospects using both Internet marketing and  your own “real world” contacts and influence.

Please visit our MLM lead generation systems overview for further information on network marketing prospecting and selecting the best MLM products for you.

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(5) Comments

    • Gavin Mountford 10:30 am

      Thanks for stopping by Jim, much appreciated. How are things with you? Are you on Skype?

      I’ll drop you an email in a second so we can arrange a chat.

      Look forward to speaking with you,

    • Todd Klimson 12:39 am

      Great article Jim. Understand this before joining any MLM: Do not forget to embrace the Law of Large Numbers before you begin any sales, marketing or MLM career!!! It describes the result of performing the same experiment a large number of times. According to the law, the average of the results obtained from a large number of trials should be close to the expected value, and will tend to become closer as more trials are performed. If you don’t understand this Law and fail to make it a priority you are doomed. Thats why people fail in sales and MLM. Money does not fall from the sky just because you set up shop online. There are no legitimate get rich quick opps. You do have to put in hours and contact 100 people per day.

    • A very knowledgeable blog about MLM. And I personally believe that MLM is a good option but carries a lot of risk. However i am feeling better after reading this.

    • Heather Plude 1:31 pm

      Australia Biz Opp,

      I have to disagree with you about the risk of MLM… as long as you have done your research and you join with a reputable company, preferably one that has been in business for over 2 years… what’s the risk? Anywhere from $1-$500 and in rare instances more. Not like investing in a franchise which can be substantial (up to a million, maybe more).

      The biggest risk is a measurable one… your own commitment, belief and activity. Many people believe all they have to do is join a MLM and it will build itself and that is just not true. Do the work. Be the solution. Become the CEO of your MLM business and you will get paid like a CEO.

      If you believe in your product, your company, network marketing and most of all, yourself you can be successful and become a millionaire with whatever business you choose!

      To your massive success!

    • Jim 10:13 pm


      On paper, the risk is low. However, if you don’t watch yourself, you can find the expenses mount up quickly. Especially for ads, training, tools, and sometimes products are quite expensive as well. So, try to focus on activities that promote your brand and quickly generate needed income. Jim

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