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Network Marketing Recruiting – Refining the Process

Most people in network marketing are intimately familiar with the training methods and recruiting methodologies that have now been used for over 70 years.  Do these methods still work?  Given the meager success rates in the industry the answer may be no, although this may not be the entire reason why.  Or is Internet marketing a better approach.

Randy Gage, a leader in the industry who uses these more traditional methods, believes that traditional methods are superior.  Although Randy has his own Internet presence, he uses it primarily for team connections vs. recruiting.  David Wood, who is currently the hottest MLM Internet recruiter was mentored by Randy, which explains why David still utilizes the basic “tried and true” methods in addition to his Internet marketing systems approach.  In fact, David used Randy’s approach to building his team while he was simultaneously building up his Internet marketing system.

Randy, and especially David, however, put a twist on the old proven methods of building a list and contacting everyone about their opportunity.  What is the difference?  Their refined process consists of three lists as follows:

  1. Your warm market is those people who implicitly trust you.  These people would help you if you picked up the phone and asked them a favor, although they probably wouldn’t trust you with business decisions.  For this reason, you shouldn’t pitch these people with your business.  The best approach is to ask them for who they might know who could possibly need a Plan B and would at least like to know about the opportunity.
  2. Your business market, if you have one, is people who would trust you with business decisions.  David Wood shares that when he started his most recent network marketing company, he didn’t have one.  This isn’t unusual.  Many people don’t.  David’s mentor advised him to think of the two most influential people he knew and ask them if he coule “borrow” their rolodex.  After doing this, he immediately had a list of 1000 in his business referral market.
  3. Your sphere of association is those people you are acquainted with, but who don’t necessarily trust you.

These lists require different approaches.  For instance, you can ask your warm market list to help you by reviewing your presentation, which wouldn’t work as well with a business contact.  A business associate can be approached to meet you for lunch or coffee straight up as a potential business opportunity; especially if they know of network marketing.  Sphere of association contacts need to be approached first to develop a relationship and move them to your warm market or business referral list eventually.

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