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Network Marketing Secrets – How a 22 Year Old College Student Recruits on Facebook

Ron Gelok is a 22 year old college student who recently signed up 6 people in one month using Facebook marketing.  He provided an overview of what he’s doing to achieve this success on a recent webinar.  Most importantly, he has a personal quota of getting 20 “no’s” every day in his marketing efforts.  He is an entrepreneur, who previously invested in real estate by “flipping” houses.

Ron, typically finds groups related to personal development, such as Robert Kiyosaki, the Secret, Jim Rohn, and others and adds people from these groups as his friend.  He begins by making conversation with people about what they do, etc.  His opening conversation is something like the following:  “I’m Ron Gelok.  I’m an entrepreneur, believe in prosperity,  into abundant living and being fulfilled/law of attraction.  Can you tell me a little about you and what you do?”.  When the conversation gets back around to him, he’ll tell them that he “makes money by promoting gold and silver and teaching other people to do it from home.”

Then, the most important thing is to get on the phone once people have asked him to tell them about how that works.  He uses his upline, who happens to be Ray Higdon, for 3-way calls and/or sends them to a recorded webinar.

Ron is doing his first MLM and has only been in the business about 6 months.  He has had virtually no comprehensive MLM training.   He is prescient enough to realize that he shouldn’t just blast out his opportunity to prospects, and finds that many “entrepreneurs” are clueless, immediately blasting him with whatever it is they’re doing.

Ron exhibits discipline in his daily routine, working for his daily quota.  Only if there is some kind of positive interest will he get a person first to review his website and then get them on the phone.  He usually starts the conversation by saying he’s brand new and quickly gets Ray on the phone with prospects.   Ron’s goal is to personally recruit 5 people daily from working Facebook and reach the top leadership level in his company.

For further information on Facebook marketing, we have a free training offer and would be glad to refer you to Ron’s session as well.

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