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Network Marketing Secrets – Creating Massively Viral Duplication

In this article, we cover the fundamentals and “secrets” of any network marketing business, in creating massively viral duplication. Network marketing is, foremost, a business of getting the new person started.  It’s not about finding gurus or heavy hitters.  What are the higher-level concepts of creating a simple system that will produce massively viral duplication in your network marketing organization?

It must be easy vs. specialized – Don’t force complicated systems that take 6 months to develop on new distributors.  If you use a sales funnel it must be replicated.

  1. Everyone must be able to do it – This must be true 5, 10, 100 levels down in any country and even other languages.
  2. Can’t be specialized skill – You don’t need to be a guru, celebrity or bring over a big downline from a different company.  It must work for brand new network marketers, and be directly related to quickly earning money vs. going to specialized courses and training.  This doesn’t remove attraction marketing; simply enhances it so you have both specialized and easy methods.
  3. It must be a personality-independent system based on third-party exposures – New people should simply need to invite prospects to content that you or your team has readily available vs. teaching new people presentation skills.

The top secret magic formula for big-time, long-term network marketing success and growing an immense team is having a system in place that gets new people started right.  This way, people get started the same way 5, 10, or 100 levels down.  If everyone is off doing their own thing, their success rate will decrease 50% and you’ll end up with horrendous attrition on your team.  Does this sound familiar?  Even with a system, you’ll lose 85% of your team within a year, but without one there will be no team.  Maybe with a good product, some will remain as customers, but attrition is a natural part of the game.  Here is the simple process to minimize the rate of attrition:

  • Sponsor a new distributor
  • Send them to a third party fast start training
  • Help them make a game plan to start
  • Promote them into the next event

You should keep your people focused on prospecting 3 people a day, attending a weekly presentation (can be online), sticking to the fast start system, attending one training a week, and attending the next major event.  If you’re in internet marketing promoting the “launch of the week,” you can’t continue doing this without stopping momentum on your team.  The simple system is the secret and you must use it consistently on a daily basis for long-term success in creating massive viral duplication in your business.

If you’re using a system to generate MLM leads, that is fantastic, but this level of effort is not what you should be expecting of new people just getting started.  It is a great longer-term strategy, but may not be for everyone and should be expected to take some time to fully implement for those interested in generating MLM leads.

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      I think you should consider it, definitely.

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