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Network Marketing Secrets – From the Mind of a Top MLM Producer

If you’re reading this blog lately, you know that we’ve been following the recent meteoric path of MLM superstar, David Wood.    Recently, he revealed more secrets, by providing an overview of his mindset of how to approach your own MLM business.  These are the network marketing secrets that are based on what he has recently accomplished.

This article covers the first part of the network marketing secrets as shared on the 4 phases of expansion in your MLM business on a recent webinar.  We find this is particularly valuable information to keep in mind when coaching your new associates.  And, for old-timers, you may spot some things here that are a dead giveaway, or clue, why and specifically where you are currently stuck in your own business.

  • Phase 1 – Prospecting is the first phase of MLM expansion.  This is what is taught by most MLM companies, e.g., making a list and contacting everyone on it.  Here, we have an interesting spin on that advice:  this phase only lasts from 72 hours to about 2 weeks.  The important point about this is that there is limited time and therefore you won’t continue bothering those closest to you (at least until they are ready).
  • Phase 2 – Direct Marketing is the second phase.  This phase will take some time as you you develop your marketing system to reach out to the 6.5 billion people in the world that you don’t know.  Depending on your chosen marketing method (s), this phase will include article marketing, mailers, facebook marketing, etc.
  • Phase 3 – Attraction Marketing is the third phase.  This phase begins when your lead flow from Phase 2 exceeds your ability to call prospects.  New strategies are needed, e.g., creating a “product” to sell to your contacts.  David Wood has reached this phase in about 3 months time, having recently developed his own “training” product based on the  “system” that he used for success in Phase 2.
  • Phase 4 – Mentoring is the fourth phase.  In this phase you work on creating success in at least 3 other people.  Success is defined as creating income in someone’s life beyond what they’ve ever made before.

Did you see yourself?  Unfortunately, most never learn these  network marketing secrets and either quit or never make it past Phase 1.  For most, it isn’t even their fault, in that they’ve never been trained in how to do the essential parts of Phase 2 in order to move forward.

It is important to point out that Internet marketing, although important to the process, especially Phase 2, isn’t actually a required method.  Maybe this isn’t necessary to point out, but in light of David’s obvious success using the Internet and article marketing, somewhat surprising to hear from him.  But just keep in mind that individuals will achieve success on different paths.

If your own personal path does include the Internet and article marketing, be sure to allow the flexibility to others to incorporate their own methods and strategies.  In fact we suggest that you learn and incorporate additional strategies developed by others on your team as part of your own path to success.  We look forward to additional network marketing secrets to emerge in the process.

For further information on David Wood’s article marketing strategy, visit our MLM lead generation system for access to his method as well as many additional systems and tools.

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