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Network Marketing Strategies – Traditional Recruiting vs. Attraction Marketing

In this article we explore the key differences between the “new” attraction marketing systems and methods and traditional recruiting methods in network marketing. On the surface, the new methods seem much different and are, in fact, foreign and often avoided by those using a more traditional approach. Attraction marketing systems are Internet-based, whereas the more traditional approach is based on the 3 foot rule.

In reality, there is a lot more going on as the use of systems gains favor even within the more traditional network marketing crowd.  First, it’s important to realize the the issue is somewhat of a red herring.  In fact, a better taxonomy would be to classify approaches based on which market segment particular distributors are most comfortable working. In general, there are three “markets” when considering your prospecting options:

  • Warm Market (Friends and Family)
  • Business Contacts
  • Cold Market (3-Foot Rule or Internet)

Generally, the attraction marketing crowd’s focus is in the cold market.  Moreover, most attraction marketing systems focus on those currently in network marketing and not getting the results the want.  Their rationale uses the analogy of recruiting for a baseball team, in that you wouldn’t recruit football players.  So, it makes sense to recruit from the “pool” of those currently in the MLM industry.

In contrast, most traditional marketers mainly focus on the warm market and business contacts, with a minority focused on the cold market.  In traditional MLM circles, many who are successful are focused on third-party advertising to locate “business opportunity seekers.”  These people may or may not be in MLM before.

A few visionaries who understand both attraction marketing systems and the most effective network marketing approaches are beginning to devise ways to effectively use both recruiting methods, recognizing the advantages of each.  Generally the way this works is in training new distributors using a very simple approach for greatest short term results and only once well established introducing the more advanced attraction marketing concepts and systems, if appropriate.  They recognize the fact that attraction marketing systems are not duplicatable, mainly because of the learning curve required for developing marketing skills.

Finally, a few “traditional” MLM experts have adapted traditional methods and relationship building to the Internet and have devised  methods using social media to reach prospects both in the warm market while simultaneously making new friends on Facebook and MySpace.

A multitude of methods are available to network marketers that have never before been available.  It is now possible to automate and streamline the recruiting process and even develop relationships with new friends using multiple methods.  Although new systems will continue to be developed and improve, there is no substitute for the timeless advice of Dale Carnegie in “Winning Friends and Influencing People.”

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