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Network Marketing Success Story – A Belly to Belly Approach

Robert Brewer, who is a builder, works his network marketing business part time.  In the last 60 days he has sold over $70,000 in product, recruited 20+ people and generated over 200 referrals for free.  Network marketing has provided a solution for a financial problem created in his life when the building industry in his area collapsed (going from 1600 home production to only 400).  Many of his co-workers have lost homes, cars, marriages, and more, due to the slowdown.  In his housing development, 32 of 54 homes are in foreclosure or soon to be.  Network marketing is allowing him to be the exception and overcome his situation.  To what does he attribute his network marketing success?

Everywhere he goes, he notices people that look sharp and finds a way to connect with them.  He recently noticed a person with a gold chain and complimented him, which led to a conversation about gold and silver (his networking business is in gold and silver).  He was able to not only begin the prospecting process, but qualify him as a prospect for his business.  Robert tries to see the good in people; and believes that there are hundreds of thousands who need to be told the message of his network marketing company.

Robert also met someone in a convenience store who knows the president of the American Numismatic Association, and was able to make an initial connection for his business.  And he recently met an owner of two BMW dealerships on an airplane who ended up becoming a representative so he could buy $67,000 in product.

Robert is a master of getting referrals and once received 157 referrals from a single person.  He doesn’t worry about people’s reaction when contacting them; rather just realizes that whatever happens, happens.   He always thanks people for their time regardless if they join him in business or not and keeps those who give him referrals informed of each outcome.

Robert completely avoids the Internet; completely relying on meeting people in a traditional “belly to belly” approach for his business.  He is proof that the time-tested methods of network marketing and relationship building are still effective.  He uses many traditional sources of training including Zig Zigler, Og Mandino, and others, in order to adapt to network marketing as efficiently as possible.  Robert’s watchwords are “adapt” and “overcome,” which have served him well in becoming an inspiring network marketing success story.


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