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Network Marketing Tips – The 2 Biggest Mistakes in MLM

You just returned from your super-galactic convention, where you heard all the most amazing stories not only about all the 6 and 7-figure earnings you’re going to achieve, but new scientific breakthroughs that make your product so ideal for your prospects.  You can’t wait to tell everyone you know everything you learned.  So you dust off your old list of friends who could benefit the most, or if you’re new, you begin the process.

As soon as you start contacting these people you begin noticing that their is a certain “coldness” to your “offering.”  Some of your friends immediately retort with “What are you selling now?”  Of course some are more polite and supportive, at least initially, and ask for information to review.  If you’re company deals with nutritionals, they of course want to take it to their doctor for his/her review.

A few become customers initially and even agree to include a distributor “kit” on the order to lock-in a spot in the super-galactic compensation plan.  Fast forward about 3 to 6 months, when these new “team members” begin approaching you about stopping their product shipments because the now have a “closet full.”

But you’re not discouraged yet.  It’s now time to “reach out” to others who have a need, or if you’re a “supportive” person, to begin your crusade to save the world by introducing your company and/or products.  When new people get to this point, if they haven’t already quit in discouragement, there are two additional mistakes that put the final nail in the coffin of their business venture:

  1. Bringing up the business before a relationship exists.  When beginning your marketing efforts outside the immediate “circle of friends,” whether via advertising, online, or local events and contacts, you must first establish a relationship.  The concept goes back to Dale Carnegie and has been refined and is now taught by many others.  But the basic rule is “never” bring up business where no relationship exists, and then only upon discovering a true need in a person’s life.  And the worst temptation is when a “prospect” expresses a need to you prior to having a relationship.  DO NOT launch into your presentation until you’ve first established the relationship.
  2. Trying to establish a relationship in the process of “selling” your product or opportunity.  Once you start your business “pitch,” it is too late.  Attempts now to build a relationship will be viewed always as insincere.

These mistakes made by the majority of network marketers don’t have to be fatal.  We all learn from our mistakes and this is proven to be the most effective mode of learning…the school of hard knocks.  So realize it, admit it, and move forward.  Only this time create a relationship first, and then those whose  needs are precisely met by what you offer will become your business partners for life.

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