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Network Marketing Tips – Dealing with Issues of Scarcity

Many network marketing companies teach that you must have belief in the company, products, network marketing industry, and yourself.  These beliefs are all good and necessary for a solid foundation.  If you find yourself weak in prospecting, e.g., telling people about what you’re doing and “fishing” for interest, then make sure these beliefs are solid.

But, did you know that the two most common objections in network marketing are related to the “limited resources” of time and money?  These objections, which can occur on your team as well as with prospects.  Both are based on a way of thinking about resources derived from a paradigm, or belief in scarcity.

In personal mastery, the two biggest lessons are, first, the existence of controlling beliefs, paradigms, or “programs” in your life.  The second lesson is that scarcity thinking, which is controlling most people on a daily basis, is just one alternative life “program.”  And, since, our way of thinking will produce results in our life more or less on autopilot, it may not be the one you want in control.

The alternative paradigm is “abundance thinking.”  With this “program” controlling your life choices, 95% of which occur in the subconscious mind, there is no way to fail to reach your goal.  The only problem is making this paradigm operational and controlling in your life.  This is where the fun begins.  You must supplant your scarcity thinking with a foundational belief in the abundance of time and money.  How can this be accomplished?  Here are a few steps to help your prospects and team with this issue:

  • Make sure you understand what you prospect and team members want to achieve and why.  Why do they want the income and/or time freedom offered?  Help them to visualize breaking through and connect their dreams to their issues about money and time and they’ll find a way to make it work.
  • Connect them to a mastermind and/or individuals who are facing or have faced similar life situations for reassurance, assistance with strategies that work, and support.  If other people who have similar issues can be successful, their confidence level will increase.
  • Believe in the inherent capabilities of every prospect and member of your team to be successful.  Visualize their success and you’ll help them create it.
  • For those who choose to move forward in your opportunity, connect them to training systems and methods that are simple and duplicatable.

In personal mastery, one of my most important life lessons was that although the two most common objects to moving forward with life improvement strategies are time and money.  The interesting thing is that it isn’t really ever about time or money, but belief systems that incorporate resource “scarcity” thinking.  These issues can overcome “in an instant” once fully understood due to direct experience, or over time with repetition.

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