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Network Marketing Tips – Finding the Right Mentor

Network marketing, as an industry, is now over 70 years old.  There are many potential mentors who “sell” training systems and courses.  All network marketing companies provide training for starting out.  Individual mentorship has proven nearly mandatory in quickly achieving success, and overcoming the natural tendency to drop out before reaching personal goals.

Systematic training is the key to getting started right, and mentorship will take you over the top.  As with top earners in any field, you need the accountability and objectivity of a “coach” to reach your full potential.  The best example in the sports world is golfer Tiger Woods.  Even at his level of skill, he relies on his coach to keep him on track on a daily/weekly basis.  In network marketing, it actually doesn’t matter much what company you choose, because it does you no good to be a failure in the best company on the planet.

In selecting a mentor, first determine your own needs, wants and desires.  If product is an important criteria, then you’ll be limited to finding a range of products or companies offering the type of products you prefer.  Selecting a mentor may involve a change in companies in order to get the leadership that you need.  Sometimes a third-party, company-independent coach can provide what you need, but many times you’ll need to follow the leader that exhibits the characteristics you need.

What are hte criteria in the selection process?  Here are a few questions to consider and to guide your choice:

  • What is your preferred marketing method?  Who are the experts in this field?  Is anyone in your preferred company using this method successfully?
  • How long has the leader you’re considering  join been in the industry.  What are the hallmarks of his/her success?
  • What training is provided for team members?  What is the level of success of the members of his/her team in using this particular system and/or method.
  • Does the mentor/leader exhibit an “open” culture vs. dictate absolutely everything?

An advantage of the network marketing business model is the availability of choices for the average individual.  In addition to a plethora of companies offering everything from A to Z, the selection leaders that are compatible with your own goals and aspirations is possible.  This “privilege” should not be taken lightly, since making the right choice in your leaders and mentors can be the most important determination of your eventual success or failure.

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