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Network Marketing Tips – Motivating Yourself to Produce

If you’ve been around network marketing awhile, you know, like any venture where you’ve become your own boss, a different level of motivation is needed.  You are not out to earn points by “brown nosing” for sure, because this boss knows what you’re up to. But if you were in the position of needing to hire a new representative for your business, would you hire yourself, based on your production the last 90 days?  Most people need significant help with the discipline known as personal mastery.

If you’ve been in it awhile, and are still struggling, could it be time to look in the mirror?  Have you set “goals” each year faithfully and then come up short consistently?  What will it take to light a fire and get yourself into production mode?

By now, you probably know what you need to do on a monthly basis, weekly and daily in order to reach your income or status goal by the end of the year, 3 years, or within 5 years if you consider yourself a part timer.  One thing to keep in mind is that virtually no one who puts in the level of effort fails.  Too often we hear about how 97% fail, but in reality it’s those that don’t make the effort, as in any area of life, who fail.

What are some motivators that will keep you consistently in the game?

  1. Take a look at the success that your mentors in the business are having.  If you don’t have anyone who’s a fairly average person that you “know” you can easily surpass, then check around a little more.  Make sure these people that you are trying to emulate are truly focused on helping others succeed, e.g., they’ve established training for the team and are readily available when you need them.
  2. Realize that you alone are responsible and must take action.  If your mentors and company have a success system, then get to work and follow it, realizing that it’s more than just you own life that depends on your outcome.  What about the family that is depending on you?  What about the team that you’ve brought along?  Their success depends on you going first.
  3. Develop a sense of urgency and a little (or a big) fear of loss.  If you’re in the right place, right time like you’re supposed to be then hesitation will prove fatal.  If you’re not in the right place yet and know it, then first move to that new place.  Realize that even if you’re completely ordinary and average you have what it takes to break through. Train yourself to make the needed contacts and become a zealot for follow-up appointments with those that are candidates for your business.

Self motivation is crucial to success in any business start-up.  Working for the greater good, or at least for the benefit of those coming behind you may be the spark that gets your engine going.

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