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Network Marketing Tips – How to Prospect by Source of Lead

Many people struggle to combine multiple marketing efforts in their network marketing business.  This is primarily due to the fact that people are generally trained in only one particular recruiting method.  David Wood, who is primarily know as the most explosive network marketer in the Internet marketing world (but also a highly successful traditional MLM recruiter), recently shared his recruiting tips with his mastermind.  Here are some tips that will allow you to increase your percentages in recruiting from different sources of leads?

  • Warm Market – Who are they?  Specifically, these are the 20 to 30 people in your life that trust you and would help you at any time of the day or night, e.g., you could call them to help you when your car broke down.  As long as you haven’t irritated them by pitching them on 5 deals, you should definitely want them.  The approach that works 99% of the time is the “Will You Help Me Approach.”  Ask them if they would do you a favor by reviewing your company presentation.  Do this authentically and don’t try to recruit them, unless they express interest.

Ask your warm market contacts to “do you a favor” by reviewing your company presentation.

  • Casual Aquaintances – These are all the people outside your close friends that you know and who know you by name.  These people have to be approached “casually.”  The best way to expose these people would be using the medium via which you know them, e.g., use the Internet for your online contacts.  These people should be approached on a “needs” basis.
  • Business Contacts -These are people you have done business with.  They must be approached in a “business-like” manner, using “do you keep your business options open?,” or similar question.  Todd Falcone’s scripts for recruiting professionals is excellent for approaching realtors, mortgage lenders, etc. even on a cold-call basis.
  • Internet Contacts – You need to be constantly present in unique ways and create a lot of content.  Keep in mind that you are recruiting people to a business relationship, which takes more nurturing than most Internet marketers are accustomed to.  You must be authentic before people will “like you” as you authentically are.  Once you are building a list, you need to email these people every day with some valuable content and the “triangle of exposure.”  This incorporates phone, email, and postal mail contacts.  On a daily basis, if you will “learn, do, and teach” you will have valuable content to share with your list.

Every day focus on the following in your business:  “Learn, do, and teach.”

  • Heavy hitters – This is the person you “dream” about getting in your business.  These people will come to you once you are successful, e.g., Cedrick Harris specifically sought out Ray Higdon when he joined Numis Network.  Most of these people will enter your business only if you’re consistently in the game and building an organization in depth.  They will “pop-in” in your 10th level, or so.  Everybody knows somebody who knows a “heavy hitter.”

If you never give up, you WILL achieve the success you want in network marketing.

Many people want to specialize in one area in recruiting new team members in their network marketing business.  But why would you want to avoid a certain category of prospect?  The approach is the key, depending on the context in which you know people.  The bottom line is to never give up if you want to reach your dreams and the success you deserve.

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