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Network Marketing Tips – Understanding What Motivates Your Team

Network marketing, like any business venture, requires leadership and an understanding of what motivates people. Understanding the leading motivators can spell success in managing a team, which is key to your success in growing a business.  Although individuals are all uniquely motivated, here are the leading motivators:

  • Money – In network marketing, you must teach and train your new team members to get into profit quickly.  A simple system that is easily duplicatable is the key to quickly getting others in profit.
  • Security – At a base level, most individuals are motivated to work for basic needs including food, shelter, clothing, etc.
  • Achievement – Generally only about 5% of the population is made up of achievers.   Everyone wants to achieve their goals, but almost no one wants to do what is needed.
  • Recognition – Possibly the greatest motivator, as most network marketing companies realize.  This accounts for the fact that elaborate awards ceremonies are the yearly highlight for most participants.
  • Acceptance of others – Most people will strive to be accepted by others.  Although this motivator can cut both ways, it can be used as leverage if your top achievers are given exclusive privileges on the team.  On the negative side, associating with the 95% of unmotivated people in your life will drag you down, naturally.
  • Self acceptance – The opinions of others don’t control them, because they’re comfortable in their own “skin.”  What others think doesn’t matter or hinder their forward progress.  The key to self acceptance is in limiting the number of people we must have approval from.
  • Love of family – Many who have reached apparent “success” in business have done it at the expense of their family, eventually find themselves along.  This doesn’t spell success when all is said and done.  Make sure your team considers and includes their family in all they do and accomplish.

These motivators are powerful forces that energize everything that you and your team accomplish.  Help your team to discover their own motivations and the reasons for being in the position in life they currently find themselves.  Help them to break through by understand and leveraging the things that will motivate them most in life.

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