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Network Marketing Training – Your Key to Residual Income Streams

For many individuals, joining a network marketing company can be a challenging experience. The stories of distributors who have “lost it all” are legion. Doesn’t mean these are valid stories, just that it is something commonly related.

But it is true that many people struggle in the network marketing industry and that most “fail.” Could it be that many have underestimated the task? Industry trainer Tim Sales believes this to be the case. He rightly calls network marketing a “profession,” and points out that every other profession has rigorous training requirements.

What are the requirements for network marketing training, in order to get involved in the “profession.” Sadly, the specifics remain undefined. Some have taken on the challenge, including Dr. Charles King, author of “The New Professionals – The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Profession,” and who has developed a curriculum in network marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Could lack of proper training be a major factor in the failure of countless new distributors? We think so as do many industry professionals. If it takes years of study to enter most professions, why do we consider the network marketing profession to be any different? Is the Distributor Kit, really adequate for truly professional network marketing training? How can anyone possibly expect to achieve their dreams and residual income streams, especially when the training provided by most companies is dated to what worked in the early days of network marketing.

Many new horizons have opened up for the professional network marketer in today’s world. These include the Internet with all of its social networks, bookmark sites, blogs, tweets, and diggs, etc. Network marketing companies have only recently begun to address techniques that have worked successfully for years in the profession of internet marketing.

What the new distributor is face with today is an intimidating array of tools that seems to be beyond his or her reach technologically. It is virtually impossible to make sense or leverage this environment that is at the same time replete with fraudulent offers and scams. Where can the novice turn for truly worthwhile advice?

An interesting fallacy of most network marketing training is the assumption that a person’s sponsor will provide all needed network marketing training. What percentage of sponsors are qualified and able to provide the level of training needed? Obviously not a large percentage, especially since for most the extent of network marketing training they’ve been exposed to is a distributor kit.

The answer for generating residual income streams through a network marketing business lies in getting effective training. After all, there are a large number of successes in network marketing despite a large percentage of failures. What the new distributor needs to do is follow the successful path of those who have already “broken the code.” Finding a good mentor who can provide the needed level of training becomes the key to your own success in generating residual income.

For further information on network marketing training, we can suggest many industry professionals, such as Tim Sales and others. In addition, please visit our MLM Lead System Pro website, to test drive and “sample” many innovate tools and training in techniques with proven success in generating true residual income streams.

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    • Clomid 9:13 pm

      Thanks for all the answers:) In fact, learned a lot. That’s just up to the end and did not understand what and where.

    • Bobby Romp 10:18 pm

      One of the most functional word in the thesaurus!

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