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Does Network Marketing Work in 2011?

As most people are aware in 2011, the promise of the network marketing industry is financial freedom.  This is something that everyone is looking for in one way or another.  Today 64 million people in 120 countries are involved, believing that network marketing will deliver on this promise.  Leading industry expert and “Who Stole the American Dream” author Burke Hedges, shares that there are two parts to the basic question if network marketing works:

  1. Does the network marketing industry work?  Since the network marketing industry has created more millionaires than any other industry, this probably isn’t the real issue, although it (on the surface) seems to stop many from engaging at all.
  2. Will it work for me?  This is the real question.  Why wouldn’t it?  What barriers could prevent it for you?  The only two possible reasons could be either fear of failure or fear of success.

So the question comes down to individual choices.  Those that choose to work a network marketing business and have an adequate leadership and training base  will undoubtedly succeed.  Yes, you must choose an adequate vehicle.  Yes, the training that is available to you is important.

Given the above is all true and a good vehicle is available, what do you need to do to make it work for you.  Numis Network top leader Ray Higdon shared what he actually did in his recent 6-star success story.

  • Ray made contacts with everyone he knew and invited them to a presentation.  This, despite the fact that most had been already “pitched” in his previous network marketing endeavors.
  • Ray has found a higher “acceptance” from people with the Numis Network product, which is gold and silver.  We have seen many similar examples in other companies with other products and are confident that this approach will work with any good company and product.

What Ray Higdon did, and thousands of others as well can be duplicated by literally anyone.  The only question is will any individual take action.  This is usually controlled by their underlying beliefs and fears.  Jake Kervorkian, the Numis Network cofounder, believes that 2011 will be a stellar year for his company, yet despite this, an individual’s beliefs will determine their own success.  An individual must be totally “sold-out” on what they’re doing as well as the fact that they can do it in order to reach their true potential.

As 2011 approaches, it is crucial for each individual in or considering network marketing as an option to take inventory of their business/plans.  What will/are you doing on a daily basis?  How many people will/are you talking to about your business?  Where is your belief about your company and yourself?  This is the formula for success and the only determining factors in whether or not network marketing will work for you in 2011.

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