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Numis Network to Add Franklin Half Dollar to Silver Coin of the Month

One question on many people’s minds is how the recent parabolic price increases of silver will affect numismatics collectors.  In particular, many are wondering how companies like Numis Network, that are based on a network marketing structure are adjusting to the extremely volatile marketplace.  Franklin Half Dollar

Numis Network features a silver coin of the month club for it’s continuity program as well as for customers who want to add on a monthly basis to their personal collections.  With a monthly purchase of silver coins, many are wondering how Numis Network’s silver coin of the month “club” will remain affordable.  In fact, the Numis Network silver coin of the month club has increased from $99 to $119 due to the increase in silver prices.

Numis Network’s specialty is primarily 1986 and newer coins in perfect gem mint condition (graded MS 70).   Over time, Numis Network would like to bring in additional coins outside the normal focus, likely in part to address silver’s recent parabolic price increases.  Chris Kent, Numis founder has announced a very unique coin, the Franklin half dollar proof, as the first example of a modification to the Numis Network continuity.  Proof Franklin coins in PR 68 condition from 1956 to1963 will be added as an option in the silver coin of the month club in the near future.  These Franklin half dollars will be an offer unique to members of Numis Network’s silver coin of the month at $99 monthly (over an 8 month period).Franklin Half Dollar - Reverse

The Franklin half dollar has an interesting history, in that only former presidents were to be put on the half dollar.  In 1948, there were two coins that came up for redesign:  the half dollar and the penny.  Nellie Ross, the US Mint director, wanted to put Franklin on the penny due to his famous quote:  “A penny saved is a penny earned,” but found it difficult to replace Lincoln on the penny.  She instead chose the half dollar, despite his non-presidential status.

In another interesting side note, John Sinnock, the manager’s initials (JS) appeared initially on the coin.  When conspiricy theorists thought JS to be Joseph Stalin’s initials, the Mint changed the initials to JRS for clarity.  Also since since Franklin wanted the turkey as the national bird, a small  eagle was added only as an afterthought since required by law.  The coin only was in production 16 years, which is a shorter period than any other coin.  This is due to the Kennedy’s assassination, when Franklin was replaced by JFK on the half dollar.

The Franklin half dollar is 90% silver.  It will part of Numis Network’s continuity program and available for 8 consecutive months to members of the silver coin of the month club, if they elect this option.  Numis Network is a network marketing company located in Tampa Florida, that features modern issue numismatic coins,  and now other occasional special offers.

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