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Prepaid Legal Services Inc. – Identity Theft Shield – Review

In this article we take a look at  one of the leading network marketing companies in the US, Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.  We take a brief look at the company and one of their leading products and also offer some suggestions for those using this company to beat the recession with a home-based business.

Prepaid Legal is a well established company, having been founded in concept in 1972 by Harland C Stonecipher.  Mr Stonecipher had encountered personal legal issues and recognized the need for a plan “covering” not only his need, but others in similar situations.  The Prepaid Legal concept is similar to an insurance plan, covering the often large unexpected expenses encountered in using a lawyer.

Now, Prepaid Legal Services Inc. is listed at MLMRankings.com as the #28 Percentile Ranking MLM company in Internet popularity.  Last month its popularity ranking increased by 69.5%, which was the second fastest popularity gain in MLM.  We recommend that you visit this site for current ranking information.  In selecting a good home based opportunity it can be advantageous to choose a well-known “brand.”

Recently, a popular product introduced a product known as Identity Theft Shield to meet the growing needs of stolen identities.  It is now commonly recommended that every individual regularly review their credit report.  With Identity Theft Shield, you receive prompt notices if any new accounts are opened in your name or if derogatory notations are added to your credit report.

Identity Theft Shield received a 3 Star rating by NextAdvisor.com.  Several similar products were rated higher, including TrustedID, LifeLock, and IdentityGuard which all garnered 5 Star ratings.  These top-rated products all take pro-active measures to prevent ID theft.  In order to evaluate specific products, we suggest that a needs vs. cost benefit analysis for your particular situation be used.

Prepaid Legal Services Inc. is a well established and popular with a much needed product and a good choice for many in starting their own business venture.  Although there is little or no competition for its core services, its newer Identity Theft Shield product appears to face significant marketplace competition.

Finally, we have suggestions regarding the use of PrePaid Legal Services Inc. for a home-based business venture.  As with any network marketing of MLM company, a referral-based approach is recommended.  What this means is the familiar advice of building a list of contacts and then sharing the opportunity or products.  This timeless advice is still effective, however additional marketing methods are usually needed including buying leads and other forms of advertising.

To complement these methods we encourage, train and empower associates from many MLM companies to develop their own marketing and advertising systems.  This includes both Internet and traditional methods, but highly leverages the concepts of internet marketing.  Two particular methods which we have found great success with and recommend include online content, or article marketing, and video marketing.

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    • Horace 9:43 am

      They offer training to do this program and there are real people to help you.
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    • Jim 10:25 am

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      Jessie J

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