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Ray Higdon Review – 5 Mistakes in Setting Up a Blog plus His Own Traffic Secrets

Ray Higdon was in foreclosure under two years ago.  Today his blog outranks some entire MLM companies in Alexa.  And he’s persisted even though he’s had his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts all shut down as part of his learning curve.  On a recent webinar, he shared content that every network marketer and internet guru should pay close attention to.Ray Higdon with fiance and family

Ray believes in the power of blogging in order to connect all social media and bring together his brand.  What are the biggest mistakes being made by most marketers today?

  1. Most marketers focus inward vs. solving problems.  New marketers have an unrealistic view of their own credibility, often trying to impress others with their knowledge, especially technical stuff.
  2. Beginners are often not consistent enough to have credibility.  On the flip side, those that are consistent practically find it impossible not to get 40 leads per day.
  3. Many are taking their opt-in lightly.  Building a list is the entire reason for a blog.  Make sure your offer addresses real pain and solves real problems for people.
  4. Some are waiting for everything to be perfect.  This is a big mistake.  John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward contains great advice.
  5. Most mismanage their list.  Ray’s list recently earned him $3200 without really much effort when he offered them access to a webinar series on sponsoring.

Ray believes that leaders must first believe in their own value in the marketplace.  In fact, your value in the marketplace will dictate your income, but not only that your “belief” will energize your own activity in creating value.

Although he hasn’t done any article marketing previously, Ray now believes in the power available using tools such as Article Marketing Robot, Unique Article Wizard and Bestspinner.  Rob Fore’s training is the best available. An even better way to get traffic is TribePro and similar systems.  Ray recently had almost 4500 shares on his content from syndication.

But the #1 best way to get traffic is to build and take care of your list.  Listen to the struggles of others.  Also, the opt-in used on your blog is very critical.  State in clear terms the benefit the prospect will get when joining your list.  Then instead of relying on the series of MLSP follow-ups, take them directly to your giveaway.  Send content to your list everyday based on content you’ve created on your blog.

Listen To The Struggles of Others

Most networkers are not very good at handling their leads.  Ray assumes that he will sign-up leads from people’s websites who didn’t call them.  Some of Ray’s future plans include article marketing, hiring a PPC marketer, using guest bloggers (people in his team having results).  He advises to think with the end result in mind, e.g., where are you going.

Some other advice Ray offers include using the maxoptin plugin which allows you to add people to your list when they comment on your blog…automatically.  If someone takes the time to make a comment, they probably are interested in getting continuing content from you.

Always think with the end in mind

All of the top marketers started from positions similar to Ray; many were dead broke.  What they have in common is vision and belief in themselves.  The Internet offers opportunities available in no other industry, despite whatever college degrees are being attained by others.  Let others know “your story,” and set a goal to tell it to a big audience, e.g., on a webinar.  Always think with the end in mind.

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