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Ray Higdon Review – How He Hit 6 Star in Numis Network

In this article, we review rising superstar Ray Higdon and the secrets of his recent success as the first 6 Star in Numis Network. Numis Network is just about 1 year old in the network marketing industry. Ray, who joined near the beginning has demonstrated an unusual work ethic, and virtually did not let a day go by without telling someone about Numis.

What is unusual about Ray’s success is, unlike many success stories in this industry, he didn’t move over a big team from his previous company or spend a lot of money in advertising.

What are some things he’s did this time around?  Here are some of his strategies:

  • Offline Strategies – His vehicle has a rear window decal advertising his Numis website.
    American Eagle, design by Adolph Alexander Wei...
    Image via Wikipedia

    His wife often wears a Silver Eagle pendant, which generates many questions.  He markets continuously when he’s out, using $100 drop cards, especially in Barnes & Noble, placing them in Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, etc.  He even did a Private Business Reception, which he didn’t want to do, having already introduced his friends and family to multiple businesses and signed up 4 of 5 attendees who showed up (17 promised to attend).

  • Online Strategies – Ray primarily uses relationships on Facebook that he establishes with Libertarians, Ron Paul & Glen Beck fans and other network marketers, who are all very obvious in their profiles and in the case of network marketers, what they are advertising.  He uses Twellow.com for marketing on Twitter, creating relationships with the same types of people.  He also writes a new blog entry daily about network marketing, keeping in mind what his best prospects would be interested in.

Ray’s basic secret to success is consistently and daily getting “NO’s” to look at the opportunity.  He averages 20 people per day telling him no.  Like any sales job, success in Numis Network reduces to a numbers game.  He relates that in a previous telemarketing  sales position he made about 475 calls per day, so getting 20 per day hasn’t been a stretch for him, given that perspective.

Ray’s main focus is on mindset.  It’s not about marketing skills or native talent.  Most people with the wrong mindset have a “lack” mindset.  Ray believes there are millions of people who will join Numis Network, so he doesn’t get hung up on one that doesn’t.

Also, those with a “fear” of failing will not make it.  Suspend your disbelief and realize that you just might succeed.  Being a victim is a comfortable position, because you can avoid responsibility, but it will cost you income and relationships.  No leader will ever sign up with a victim, out of the victim’s “need.”  Many people say they “need” a heavy hitter, but you can’t even get hung up on getting a “no” from the heavy hitter.

Observe internal voices telling you that the person you’re about to call isn’t going to be interested and just make the call anyway.  The company president recommended George Zalucki’s “Profile of a Champion,” to Ray, which he highly recommends for improved mindset.  Too many people watch Constant Negative News  (CNN) and hang around negative friends, destroying their mindset.

Ray’s daily routine includes writing affirmation, e.g., “I am so happy and grateful I’m a Numis Network 6 Star.”  He also spends 10-15 minutes every day in meditation.  He also writes a blog, shoots a video or writes an article.  Then he goes for 20 no’s every day.  Why?  Because he is hungry.  Just 12 months prior, he was broke and behind on all his bills.  Do you have to get in that position before stepping to the plate and getting into the game?  Ray believes the timing is now since there are only about 10,000 representatives in Numis Network, all the marketing materials and systems are now in place, there is no competition in this category, and because of an exodus of distributors from many other network marketing companies.

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