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Recruiting Professionals in your Business – Todd Falcone Review

In today’s economic climate, the idea of recruiting professionals such as realtors and mortgage professionals for your network marketing business has become more interesting and profitable than ever.  Todd Falcone is the leading proponent of focusing on this type of prospect and personally uses this focus in his own business. He “walks the walk.”

The first step toward opportunity is awareness.

Prospecting and exposure of your business is both the single most important aspect of network marketing and the aspect feared by most.  Todd’s Fearless Networker training squarely addresses this issue.  Todd also believes that his method is particularly well suited to the Numis Network business opportunity.

Todd’s formula for “getting good” at network marketing starts with your fundamental belief.  Todd’s friends and parents initially made fun of his network marketing efforts.  He lives by the statement: “Let your beliefs be the shovel that buries your fears forever.”

Let your beliefs be the shovel that buries your fears forever.

If you’re new or lacking success in network marketing, you have to represent confidence despite your own “missing” achievements.  How can this be done?  Todd believes that you must ask yourself a few questions and his a high level of belief about the “profession” of network marketing.

  1. Do people make money in the profession of network marketing?  The industry is 70 years old, involving 35 million people in the US alone.  Don’t hesitate when people ask if what you’re doing is networking marketing.  Todd’s reply is always “Absolutely, and if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t touch it.”
  2. Do people make the kind of money I want to have in my life in MLM?  Todd used to sell cable TV door to door and came to the realization that his sales manager wasn’t making much and that he was on a path that wasn’t going to take him where he wanted to go.
  3. Do people make money in the company you’re in?  If yes, you can now confidently represent your company of choice in the MLM industry.  In one of Todd’s prior companies, a distributor with a 6,000 person organization was making only $500 per month.  Maybe this wouldn’t be a company to focus your life efforts on.

After answering these three questions, you’re ready to confidently start recruiting.  Todd has been using a particular style, based on this type of confidence for the last 10 years.  He has been involved in every conceivable type of lead generation system on the market today.  Due to the lack of prospects from “traditional” sources, he decided to call a realtor from an ad in Homes and Land magazine.  He soon discovered that what you say is as important as the way you say it.  After three calls and two “yes, I’m open to looking at something outside of what I’m doing,” he realized he was on to something.

Where is the best place to find prospects in your own back yard? If you have a car and a phone and have driven past a “for sale” sign in the last 7 days, did you actually pick up the phone and call the realtor?

What are the most effective scripts that Todd is using?

  • I was just driving by your listing here in _________.  I’m an entrepreneur and love working with sharp people.  I’m expanding one of my companies in the local area.  I just have a simple question for you.  Do you at all keep your options open in terms of earning income outside of what you presently are doing?

Do you at all keep your options open in terms of earning income outside of what your are presently doing in your profession?

Todd does this consistently in his local area, recently signing up a State Farm Insurance representative in his business on first meeting.  The first step toward opportunity is awareness.  The path of least resistance in network marketing is often to take the easiest possible path.  Many new people spend their time talking to their “broke” friends, often hearing the worst in skepticism.  On the other hand, a “professional,” hearing an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, typical in network marketing are more often than not, open to a good opportunity vs. coming up with a multitude of objections.

Using Todd’s methods can result in an immediate stream of “free” leads for your business.  What are the commonalities/types of professional people that your should be approaching?

  1. Their primary jobs are prospecting, selling, interacting, and relating with people.  These people are already doing what network marketers do.
  2. They are paid the way network marketers are paid.

Todd’s methods can be used in conjunction with attraction marketing methods online or offline.

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