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How to Select the Best Attraction Marketing System

This article discusses how to select the best and most effective attraction marketing system.  We won’t discuss any specific system that is available, rather, our aim is just to provide criteria for choosing among those on the market or building your own.

If you have not answered the question in your mind whether or not you need an attraction marketing system, then consider the following.   How would you like to connect with people who are already interested in what you’re doing vs. wandering around in shopping malls or calling all your friends and family about your latest “slam-dunk” business opportunity.  Regardless of your technical skills, we think every network marketer needs to engage in branding of the most important part of their business, “You, Inc.”  This is is the core principle of attraction marketing.

So what are the criteria used to select an attraction marketing system?  In fact this will depend on the particular marketing needs of each individual.  For instance, some may not be interested in an internet marketing approach, but still see the value of personal branding.  Most will recognize the value of the Internet in branding “You, Inc.,” however.

The components of a complete attraction marketing system include personal branding, landing/capture pages with a valuable offer, sales page, and autoresponder for email follow-up.  Of these components, we recommend using all elements, but only personal branding is absolutely necessary.

  • Personal Branding – The most effective mechanism for personal branding is a WordPress blog.  If not engaged in internet marketing, then alternate blog sites are acceptable  but still not recommended.  Rather than branding your parent company and continuing to “donate” prospects to the leaders in their company who have established their “brand.”
  • Landing/Capture Page – In simplest form, a blog itself can operate as a capture page. e.g., offering free training or an ebook in exchange for your prospect’s email address.  Separate, single page capture pages function more efficiently, since they can be completely focused on capturing the email of your prospect vs. a blog which has many more links and other interesting content.
  • Sales Page – Once the prospect has opted-in to get your offer, a first closing attempt can be made on a detailed sales page.  The sales page should make a compelling offer at a low price point; usually under $40.  In contrast to the landing page, the sales page should be extremely detailed and lengthy, containing extensive testimonials about the value of what is offered.
  • Autoresponder/email system – An autoresponder is efficient for following up, delivering content, and establishing a relationship with your prospects.  Although there is no substitute for true relationship building, an autoresponder is the best use of technology to leverage your follow-up and continued contact with your prospects.

Attraction marketing systems are very popular and on the road to becoming essential tools for any business. We invite the reader to “experience” a live example at out My Lead System Pro landing page.

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