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Are Social Networking Websites A Good Source of MLM Leads?

Many leaders in network marketing today teach their teams that the Internet and other online recruiting doesn’t work effectively, while still sending them out to shopping malls, and gas stations to find prospects.  Of course their brute force  methods work, but generate extremely high attrition rates. Today, Facebook has over 500 million users and MySpace 263 million.  And, it is now possible to use social networks to build a worldwide business, rejection free, never leaving home.

The demographic and personal information about people in these social networks alone is staggering.  Search tools provided enable marketers in almost any industry to easily identify hundreds of targeted prospects for just about any product or service.  If it works for regular business, why not MLM?  In fact, network marketers have already started using Facebook paid advertising to generate high quality MLM business leads.

Although the 3 foot rule has been used effectively in network marketing for over 75 years, there have also been many networkers successfully recruiting teams online since the days of America Online over 15 years ago.  Now with the easy availability of all this demographic information at your fingertips, why haven’t more in network marketing “broken the code” on the social networks?

We believe that today’s networking “professionals” have been very poorly trained, and are trying to market on social networks with a clumsy and almost dangerous approach.  Most, in fact are trained in the use of “elevator” speeches, which they’re supposed to quickly deliver in order to generate leads for their business, and have imported these techniques to Facebook and MySpace.  The problem with this, especially when used in the context of social networks is this behavior is nothing more than spam.    Whether used in elevators, or on Facebook, people have become very resistant to these approaches.    And,  MySpace considers it a violation terms which will quickly get a person’s page canceled.

So what is the answer?  Can the social network sites provide a good source of MLM leads?  The answer is a resounding yes, according to Facebook and Myspace expert Max Steingart.  His training has produced top earners in many different network marketing companies.  His methods teach a low-key sales approach, modeled on the basic concepts of Dale Carnegie and others, which are based on first creating genuine relationships with prospects.  People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

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