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How to Start an Online Marketing Business

Jordan Schultz dropped out of college after six months and a few months thereafter started working in a restaurant owned by his parents.  Jordan Schultz internet marketerWithin 6 months, he was running the kitchen when they fired the head chef.  He started to love cooking and got very good at it, but after six years realized that he had no free time, working 60-80 hours a week, and had no social life.

In January 2009, he quit and started his Internet business.  After maxing out 6 creditcards and earning $15, he sought out Brian Fanale, who was in his primary company and asked him for help.  Today, he’s achieved financial independence, after learning to leverage the My Lead System Pro attraction marketing system.  In his own words:

Within my first day I was generating leads, a few days into it I was making affiliate commissions.  2 weeks into MLSP I made more money in a single day selling Magnetic Sponsoring products than I made in 2 weeks at my job.  Not even a month later I sponsored my very first person into my high-ticket item opportunity simply because I followed what MLSP was teaching me to do.  I now put between 1-4 people a week into my primary business with ease, And finally 8 months ago I was able to walk into my job, fire my boss, and never look back.

Jordan started following the MLSP strategies marketing on Facebook. Lately, he’s been using TribePro to get high Google ranking for his blog articles and generating massive leads.  He spends only about $100 monthly in marketing, with the exception of his OnlyWire account, which by itself is over $100 monthly since he is syndicating almost 200 of his team members.

Jordan advises those that are new not to quit and to realize that they’ll make a lot of mistakes.  In fact, Norbert Orelewicz, the MLSP founder fails in about 90% of his online efforts.  Jordan, also advises to take time off a day a week and fully understand why you want to accomplish your goals.  His success is an inspiration to many others, who need to focus an a success story in their industry to solidify their own belief in the process and possibilities available to an average person with little prior experience.

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