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Two Step Sponsoring Process in Network Marketing

In network marketing, a two step process is very effective when used to introduce prospects both to the concept of home business ownership as well as the details of a particular company’s products and services.  This process involves the use of standard tools, such as CDs and DVDs, to ensure that it is duplicatable for a large team and the message is delivered consistently and as effectively as possible.  The most successful distributors in network marketing have all used this process.

There are several reasons for the success of this method.  First, prospects are over-exposed to marketing and advertising and quick to avoid an obvious sales pitch, and a sales tool can ease their fears.  Using a tool provides an effective “door-opener” for prospects who are working overtime to find any excuse to avoid any sales approach whatsoever.  Also, up to seven or more exposures are usually needed in closing any sale.  The first step of the process is using a quality business tool to open your prospects to listening to what you have to offer vs. saying “NO” without any exposure whatsoever.  Here are the steps in the process:

  1. Open People to the Message – There is a reason that the most successful distributors in network marketing reached the position of success and leadership.  They understand that people are busy in their lives and generally won’t take time to attend a network marketing business presentation.
  2. Follow-up to Schedule a Full Presentation – This can be a company meeting, an in-home meeting, a webinar, or a one-on-one business presentation.

There are several rules to keep in mind when exposing people to any opportunity using a tools approach:

  • The less you say, the better.  One method is to always give the tool at the end of any meeting, vs.  the first part of an encounter.  In this way you can minimize the possibility of being “grilled” by a prospect vs. exposure via your quality tool.  Remember, the prospect’s will be looking for any possible reason NOT to look at your information.
  • Plan exactly what the next step in the process will be.  Once your prospect has been exposed to the initial tool “opener,” be prepared to book them for the next upcoming company presentation, whether it is a hotel meeting, webinar, etc.

The network marketing industry is based on relationships first and then solving specific customer needs with a particular product of business opportunity.  In practice, most distributors seem to operate with assumptions often used in telemarketing sales, where closing attempts are made on the first contact without first establishing a relationship.  In addition, the tendency to “explain” the business before the prospect sees a full presentation is almost always a fatal mistake.  Additional mlm exposure tools and training are available using our MLM prospecting system

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