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Success Strategy – What Level of Effort are You Prepared For?

In today’s article, we discuss the level of effort needed to reach your goals.  What does it take to be a top achiever in any endeavor?  In the case of leading sports figures, the level of effort is monumental.  Is success an accident, or something that anyone can do?

It is our obversation as well as personal experience that most people drastically underestimate the effort needed to achieve their important goals.  This may be compounded by “over selling” in industries such as network marketing.  Many of the success stories paraded before new recruits make it seem inevitable or almost an automated process taking no particular level of effort.

Is this true in general, sometimes, or completely false.  In other words,  is success  however it is defined really achievable EVER with minimal effort or automatically?  If so, possibly you should be running the other way.  You might be looking at something barely legal, if not fraudulent.

The bottom line for nearly every case is that you need to prepare for a significantly greater effort, persistence, and fortitude.  And remember that many times, success is nearby and will come very suddenly when you finally break through.

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