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What are the Best MLM Companies for the New Year?

In this article, rather than discuss specific companies we outline what are the criteria needed to select the best multi level marketing (MLM) companies for yourself. In order to make your own assessment, we suggest considering current rankings as well as new players just entering the “game.” We believe that selecting the top MLM company is an individual decision based on an individual’s own particular interests, needs and desires.

One of the key decisions to consider for any individual is his or her life purpose. This may be related to particular talents and gifts on an individual basis in addition to individual life experience. These are both major factors in choice of career path, or in this case, a network marketing career.

First a self examination is in order to determine motivating factors in choosing a network marketing career, even if part time. MLM and network marketing can be very demanding and emotionally taxing for many individuals.  A strong reservoir base of talent and motivation will be necessary in order to succeed. MLM and network marketing are yet an unconventional business model, although rapidly gaining in more widespread acceptance.

What are key selection criteria? Author and industry trainer Tim Sales suggests the following criteria in selecting a top multi level marketing company for an individual:

  • Huge Expanding Market and Industry Timing – Currently, the “baby boom” generation, consisting of people born between 1946 and 1964 is driving several new trends. This group accounts for 1/4 of the world’s population that has produced many trends throughout their lifetimes including the 1980’s real estate boom and present “bust” and many current trends. The most notable include health awareness, anti-aging, and financial planning and retirement. This group started entering their 60’s in 2006 and will continue through 2024.  They are looking for products to fill these needs.
  • Unique, Consumable Product – One of the biggest advantages of a network marketing career is the generation of a residual income. However, the generation of repeated sales from existing customers depends on continued product use. The top network marketing company products should not be obtainable from other sources and should require continued usage month after month.
  • Leverage – The top multi level marketing companies have adequate leverage in their compensation as well as top notch products that will generate customer sales volume, as well as distributor personal usage. It does no good to grow a team of distributors for a product that isn’t marketable, or if the compensation is inadequate. What is the proportion of customer sales vs. distributor self consumption? How many distributor are needed on your team to earn an adequate paycheck?

Which companies should you consider? The most popular MLM companies according to world-wide Google search statistics are as follows (as of this writing):

1. Amway
2. Herbalife
3. Mary Kay
4. Pampered Chef
5. Monavie
6. Arbonne
7. Partylite
9. Melaleuca
10. Forever Living
11. Stampin Up
12. Creative Memories
13. Xango
14. Quixtar
15. Longberger
16. Isagenix
17. Amsoil
18. Tastefully Simple
19. Nuskin
20. Nikken
21. YTB Travel
22. Shaklee
23. Young Living
24. Prepaid Legal
25. Mia Bella Candles

We suggest you also consider start up companies, but advise some caution, since the failure rate of new MLM network marketing companies is high (though not higher than any other industry). This should give you an excellent starting point, considering your own interests, motivation, and life goals. Take your time in the evaluation, since a wrong selection could cost several years of time needed to generate the residual income you want and deserve.

For further information on selecting the top MLM Company and how to us a systematic approach to MLM, visit our MLM Lead System Pro training site.  And we invite you to watch the following video from Tim Sales for his explanation of some of the advantages of an MLM Network Marketing Career.

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(7) Comments

    • Dear Jim,

      An excellent overview!! Well said.

      I have been in the MLM Industry since 1965, was a Diamond in Amway in the 90’s, and still buy some of the products, and have the PPL Coverage, and make over $13,000 per month in another of the companies listed, and have averaged $8,500 in earnings per month (in my first 9 months) of a 36 year old Japanese company that is not listed, perhaps because it is not an MLM, but has all the benefits of an MLM…Geometric Growth and Leverage, but without the “baggage”…namely the re-qualification “hell week” at the end of the month, and racheting down in title, position, and income when structure requirements are not met). It uses the new GPT Business Model, which I really like.

      Best Regards,

      Ed Johnson, J.D., Attorney (Ret)
      Former Assistant US Attorney

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    • Outstanding read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And this individual actually bought me lunch for the reason that I discovered it for him laugh So i want to rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

    • Jim 6:28 am

      Great! Glad to know I’m doing my part to feed the world!

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