Although our focus is information products and mostly using an affiliate-based approach, we also recommend direct sales opportunities and affiliate with companies that offer world-class products:

Actor Alan Dale from "Lost" holding ...
Actor Alan Dale from "Lost" holding a Rev3 (Photo credit: usanainc)
    • Information Products:
      • Plugin Essentials – The most essential and reliable, free WordPress plugins needed for any blog or website.
      • FB Advocate – How to use the Facebook Group “snowball effect” to get traffic to almost any Facebook Page in almost any niche.
      • Plugin Hotshot – How to create simple, inexpensive, 5-figure WordPress plugins without having to write any code at all.
      • Video Mystic – The best video marketing secrets from Jason Fladlien.
    • Affiliate Products –  Commission River offers many telecommunications and technology services including:
      • Cellular – a huge selection of wireless carriers, cell phones, and accessories from which to choose.
      • Conference Calling – affordable, high-quality conferencing and web meeting software.
      • Phone Service and Bundles – residential phone service with or without additional  bundled services.
      • Commercial Internet Services – business telecom pricing portal offering real-time  pricing and availability.
      • Residential Internet Services – high-speed Internet, TV and HDTV, phone and cost-saving bundles from brand name providers in your area.
      • Wireless Internet (4G) – broadband coverage areas in over 52 cities nationwide.
      • Satellite TV – over 500 channels, plus NBA and NFL out of market game options.
      • VoIP – local service in 48 states in the US, and in over 7000 rate centers.
      • SEO – improve your website visibility, popularity and search engine rankings for a very low, or no cost.
      • Web Design – complete website creation solution, from custom graphic design, page layout and formatting stylesheet.
      • Ticket Network – no matter what the genre, sport or venue of the sold out show you want to attend is, you can find it here.
  • Direct Sale Products – USANA Health Sciences offers world-class nutritional products via a direct sales approach.  A favorite USANA product among celebrities is the Rev3 Energy Drink.

The method of marketing has little to do with selecting the best product for a particular need.  Rather that methodology, the effectiveness in solving a problem or providing a solution is the only relevant concern