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Austin Walsh Review, 19 Year Old Social Media Expert

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Austin Walsh is a successful 19 year old Internet marketer in Chicago.  He has been an entrepreneur since age 15 when his Dad bought him $400 worth of equipment to start his career as a DJ.  For New Year’s eve, he created a Facebook event, expecting 200-300 attendee at an event, however with 2700 attendees registered the owner informed him he’d only get paid $500.  Austin decided to try to find an alternative venue in Chicago with only 72 hours notice.  With only 24 hours notice he changed the venue on Facebook and not a single person showed up at the original location.

At this time he found out that his Dad was a seminar speaker.  He joined as a speaker on the circuit, but didn’t forget about his Facebook experience and soon started a business in marketing online.  Today he is passionate about the possibilities and future of marketing online using Facebook.  His 6 Figure Incubator program, iSocial Academy, teaches a systems approach to Facebook marketing.  His client list includes very well know speakers, e.g., Les Brown and others, for whom he still manages Fan Pages.

Austin has the following suggestions for Fan Page Branding:Les Brown and Austin

  • Use a picture of yourself (or a personality in your business) vs. a company picture.  In a test with Mark Victor Hanson, a personal picture was “Liked” 4,000 times more than a business picture, e.g. one of his book covers.
  • Use favorite Fan Pages from key figures congruent with your business principles.  This will result in a lot of content for your page from notable people.
  • Do a weekly video.
  • Use a customized Fan Page which includes a welcome tab and opt-in form to capture subscriber emails.
  • Be an E.A.P.  This stands for extremely active poster.
  • Brand on an international platform.
  • Have a Fan Page launch.  Give rewards to people who help you build a following.

In addition, Austin uses continuity program levels.  Nano continuity, priced at $9.97 per month or less, provides a good entry point for small business “gold” club members.  Major continuity would contain more content, priced at $97/month and $27/month as an intermediate offer.  He also uses video tagging with great content to advertise his “brand,” to about 50 people at a time.  He also uses text mesaging and Facebook’s code of 32665.

Although Austin appears to be one of the most capable marketers in the Facebook realm today, he believes that any business that wants to survive will need to eventually get online.  And especially to get on Facebook.  We also highly recommend the Facebook List Building training offered by WebinarSwaps.com.


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