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Facebook Marketing Lead Generation

Ken Michaels started in Internet marketing in 1993, after realizing he hated selling.  His area of expertise is developing systems to automate the lead generation process using social networks.  His specific area of focus is creating Facebook pages for small businesses.  Finding clients using specific online tools and automated systems is his expertise.Facebook 4.74 Degrees of Separation

Just 5 years ago, most businesses were interested in getting websites setup and leveraging Google through SEO.  In the last few years, social media started to take over, led by Facebook and YouTube.  Today, most people are obsessed with Facebook, where 4.74 is the new “degrees of separation.”

There are several easy ways to generate Facebook fan page leads including:

  • Manta – This is a directory of small businesses, which categorizes businesses by company revenue.  According to consultant Ken Michaels, targeting businesses under $1 million can have an advantage of ease of contacting the decision maker.  In addition, these businesses often hire-out specialists for specific tasks such as  marketing online, since they really only have time to run the day-to-day operations.
    English: Graph of social media activities
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  • Yellow Book – In this directory, businesses are listed according to the level of advertising that they currently own:  Gold, Yellow, or Blue.  The ones to target are the ones already spending money on advertising.  In addition, businesses that have paid Yellow Book to create a video can be selected (Note:  the videos that have been produced are very poorly done, including a promotion at the end for Yellow Book!).
  • Social Bakers – This website is a directory of Facebook pages, including the number of fans, and complete details on every existing Facebook page.  The best target businesses are those with between 100 and 300 “likes.”  This is the point where most fan pages “die off.”

Developing leads in an automated fashion can be done with automated systems.  FB Cash Accelerator leverages Social Bakers to generate thousands of leads, in minutes, including contact information when available, applications used, and if the Facebook page has been claimed by the owner.  In addition, a full contact manager is included, including support for virtual assistants and outsourcing the lead generation.

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