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Facebook Marketing – The Revolution in Internet Marketing

Nick Peall began marketing on FaceBook in 2005, at which time his first campaign failed, at a cost of $6 per click  and no conversions.  More recently he’s created lists of 60K and 100K in 48 and 24 hours respectively with a cost per click as low as .2 cent.

What he discovered “on his journey” was that there was no one who offered help in marketing on Facebook.  Thus he started his own R&D project in testing results.  Eventually things started to work.  What he learned was that Facebook marketing is often completely opposite what is familiar from the world of Google pay-per-click.  Why does Nick love Facebook now?

  1. You can create huge lists within days or even hours.
  2. Making pages takes minutes with no need for FTP or a domain.
  3. There is unlimited traffic for under a penny per click.
  4. You can reach millions of people in any niche or vertical market.
  5. There is little to no competition, since most marketers are doing a poor job.
  6. Communicating with your list just takes a photo or YouTube video.
  7. The delivery rate for Facebook updates is instant.
  8. Response times are measured in minutes or seconds.
  9. Your audience is spending hours per day waiting to hear from you
  10. Facebook is the new gold rush in Internet marketing.

Nick has had more than 3.5 million page impressions for free on one of his recent Facebook Fan Pages, with more than 100K “likes.”  Fan pages are the “new” opt-in list in the world of Internet marketing.  On Facebook, response times and reply rates are instantaneous as hundreds of people act within the first hour.  Instant traffic can be generated for affiliate offers.  Many “unknown” marketers have lists over 100K in Facebook.

When creating a Fan Page, always choose “Brand or product,” and select website. Nick states this as a warning from his own experience in having his pages recategorized as community page when they reached 10K members.  When this happens, all your work is lost, since you have no further control of the page.

Ad creation isn’t difficult, but following a few simple rules will greatly increase your results.  Use a question/call to action in your ad.  Also, since Facebook is a very visual environment, creating appealing graphics is essential.  Here are a few tips:An Effective Facebook Ad

  • Use warm colors edge to edge
  • Use interesting images
  • People’s faces are usually best

One of the key differences between Google marketing and Facebook is the fact that Facebook uses demographic targeting vs. a “product” approach that most Internet marketers are accustomed to.  There are major differences between social media and search traffic.  Those that miss this point will fail, e.g., burn their ads budget with NO conversions.  Nick’s membership coaching program, MrFBX, seems to be an excellent jump start for those wanting to hit the ground running with their Facebook marketing.

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