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Futuristic Marketing – Using Facebook to Build Your Business

Where is the Internet going?  One word: Curation.  What does this mean?  Simply stated, it is organizing information.

Wikipedia is, today, the 6th most trafficked website in the world, best exhibiting the concept of “curation.”  Today, “the community” curates and organizes the Internet’s content.

Today, Facebook’s content is 100% curated.  This is based on one simple feature:  the “Like” button.  Google has been interested in “user experience” from its inception.  All of the recent releases have been simply attempts to better rank online content according to “user experience.”  Although a little negative, they’ve been systematically “weeding out” artificially generated indicators of popularity, e.g., webmaster link building.

What do you need to do today?  According to marketing expert Jonathan Budd, there two basic tasks:

Building an Audience – This is the foundation of success online.  Even Facebook calls it by this name.

Build a Relationship with the Audience – There are 910 million users on Facebook (1/7th of the world’s population).  This type of access has never before been available in the history of the world.

Every business owner needs a fan page today, which is a very simple task (takes about 30 seconds).  This is an integral part of a marketing strategy.

Facebook ads are an excellent tool to use as long as certain rules are observed.  One important consideration is keeping traffic within their platform.

English: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins at ...
English: Motivational speaker Tony Robbins at a Twitter conference in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In App” Advertising is a method within Facebook that is similar to familiar Internet marketing capture (or squeeze) pages.  List building is valuable in both traditional and Internet businesses.  Graphics design is important, in order to create ads, and programming for coding the Facebook capture pages.  Or, a software solution is available from Jonathan Budd’s Futuristic Marketing system.

Generating traffic is fairly simple using the Facebook Ads system.  Precise interests let you target any existing Fan Page fans, e.g., the term “Tony Robbins” would be a simple way to target almost 300,000 users.

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