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A Shift to Social Media Focus and Branding

Most Internet marketers are focused on generating leads vs. a “branding” approach.  Robert Stanley began in Internet marketing with the idea of affiliate marketing top of mind. But he failed to get results as an affiliate marketer.Robert Stanley

Since small business is the center of our economy, representing 97% of all enterprises in the US, he decided to shift focus to local marketing.  Although he had more success, he also found that a plethora of technologies were involved from SEO to Social Media Marketing.  And when he was fired by a client that he was providing SEO services for, in order for them to hire a social media manager, he began to see the value of a new business model and consider leading with social media setup services.

Small businesses now expect to hire a social media expert as their 2nd employee (after a bookkeeper).  53% expect to hire a social media expert.

Like most technologists, Robert initially despised social media work.  But now he leads with “social packs” in his marketing business.  The advantage is delivery of tangible services up-front, keeping him in better control.

According to a Forbes.com 2012 market survey, “One in five tech executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person.”  And 37% of firms across all industries browse social media profiles to evaluate each candidate’s character and personality.

Social Media basic image sizesBut, can this be done to earn a consistent living?  And, if starting with a 1-off project initially, where does the continuity come from?  As a follow-on project, a “newsletter” service can be added next, with a suggested $1000 setup and $450/month for a done-for-you monthly issue which includes coupons and offers.  Businesses don’t understand building a list, but can relate to the concept of a monthly newsletter.  An advantage that small business owners have is a high open rate, e.g., 28%, than the typical Internet marketer has come to expect.

Selling social packs can be done via “online seminars,” for which he charges $25 to attend.  Recently, out of 11 attendees on a session, one bought one of his $1495 social packs.  Businesses can be enrolled at chamber of commerce, BNI, and other networking events.  In addition, LinkedIn groups and personal contacts can be used.  Robert’s Local Pulse Marketing company also offers a turn-key solution for local Internet marketing consultants who want to follow in his footsteps.

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