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Creating Facebook Coupon Pages In Under One Minute

Will Perkins, Internet marketerWill Perkins, CEO of Mooseweb Inc. is only 20 years old.  But, he is on the Board of Directors of two up and coming marketing companies and is already engaged.  He has already had the opportunity to teach over 15,000 marketers in online marketing and his specialty …marketing on Facebook.

Today there are over 1 Billion Facebook users, 500 Million who are active mobile users.  70% of local businesses use Facebook.  Over 80% of Facebook users WANT to connect with their favorite brands/companies.  But only 19% of small businesses are actively using Facebook. This, despite the fact that the average US Internet user spends 32 hours online each month and 7 of those “active” on Facebook.

Facebook surpasses 1 billion usersBut can these trends be useful for business, or even better to earn money in a home based business?  Will attests to actually using the following 5 Step System to earn $1500 when he needed to as a “starving” college student.  And, he now teaches others to successfully apply his formula.

  1. Find Leads – His strategy involves using Manta Pro advanced search features (only $9.99/month), Yellow Pages, and/or Google Maps to find out about potential customers including owner information, whether or not they have a claimed listing, Facebook fan page, Twitter, and other social sites/features listed.
  2. Send an Email – Use a professionally done video to “scare” the potential customer.  Subject:  Your Business is in Jeopardy
  3. Follow Up – Send another email to those who respond, offering to setup a coupon Fanpage for $297.  Body:  So here’s the situation, as I’m sure you know.  If you’re not online, the odds are you’re not going to be in business very long…..etc.  Will includes a PayPal invoice in the follow-up message.
  4. Send the Details – Establish the ground rules, and provide service agreed to.  He suggests offering a $75 monthly management fee, an optional $997 website design where needed, an optional $797 monthly SEO package, and $997 with $197 monthly mobile marketing package.
  5. Enjoy the Success – Or, as in Will’s case, pay your tuition and buy books for the semester.

To simplify the entire process he once did manually, Will, who is a programmer,  has now created FBCoup, a WordPress plugin which is able to generate a coupon Fanpage in under one minute.  But the plugin also does the upfront marketing job in finding leads and contacting his prospects.  A premade video is included or a custom video can be used.  More details of his plugin are available on the sales page for FBCoup.

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