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Facebook Cover Photos now 820×312

Have you noticed how it’s increasingly difficult to get all the sizes right for social media sites, including desktop, mobile, etc?  Although social media may represent the biggest shift in marketing and mass communications since the industrial revolution, things are changing all the time, making it difficult for business owners to participate.  Below is just one example describing some of the recent changes made by Facebook, as described by marketing consultant Michael Currey (note that when Facebook makes a change like this, it may disrupt the design of cover art for millions of users and business owners, resulting in massive graphics upgrade needs):

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I’m going to be releasing all new templates for Facebook very soon, but I wanted to get this news to you ASAP.
Facebook has changed sizes again for cover photos. Right now, 820 wide is the new width for Facebook Pages and Groups. Pages: 820×312 or 820×459 (optimized for mobile) Groups: 820×250 or 820×459 (optimized for mobile)
Events are now 826px wide (changed from being 851px wide). It’s weird that they aren’t 828px wide but I’m not going to argue with the code.
I have to thank my buddy John Aguiar for tipping me off on Monday to the change in dimensions. I’ve already got a new template for Facebook Groups ready to go, just need to update my post on BrainyMarketer.com. Check there later for a transparent .png file. For now, here’s a .jpg you can download and use as you wish.
We’re now offering a free cover upgrade as part of a beta program in order to introduce our new Social Covers capability.  As part of the program, subscribers will get all the major social media covers updated 10 times yearly for events, holidays, offers, etc.
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