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Facebook Marketing for Business

It’s quite obvious today, that Facebook is “the place” to be for business. This may be surprising to some, given the fact that Facebook was developed exclusively for social networking.  But today, Facebook is offering 4 weeks of free phone support for small businesses and a $50 coupon to get started. facebook for business

Many businesses are “clueless” in their approaches, and unaware of all the help they could be getting.

How many roadsigns have you seen requesting Facebook “likes?”  Is this what is needed by a business?  According to marketing expert, Mario Brown, what businesses should really be after is “leads.”  This should be obvious, with the popularity of Groupon and Living Social, but isn’t well understood by the typical business owner.

Here are a few services desperately needed by local businesses, that most don’t realize they need or that the services even exist:

  • Fan Page (99% believe it’s important and about 50% have one today)
  • Promoted Posts (these appear in the newsfeed, which is where 70% of “eyeballs” go…and 100% of mobile users)
  • Creating Offers (Facebook has many Groupon-like capabilities now, including its demographic targeting)
  • Lead Capture Pages & Deals (too technical for most businesses)
  • Creating Events
  • Running a Contest

Mario recently found his dentist had an iPad at the front desk and was requesting his customers to “like” the business’ Facebook page.  Mario explained to him how he could be getting leads instead of “likes,” using Facebook promoted posts (targeting his competitors) and other methods, and repurpose the iPad to get customer “reviews,” instead.


Alex Lessa’s Facebook coupon/deals software, FB Advantage, provides a simple solution for creating Groupon-like, gated pages within the Facebook platform (including immedate buy buttons).  In addition, Social Lead Freak is a tool that easily finds competitor pages or groups that have the most likes and engagement, and then actually extracts their “fans” to a csv file.  The resulting file can be uploaded to Facebook as a “Custom Audience” for ads and promoted post targeting.

These tools are making the job of Facebook marketing as simple as possible.  This, coupled with the new features that Facebook now has and it’s demographic targeting makes one wonder about the future of Groupon and other similarly expensive expensive deals sites and solutions.  It also opens up many new avenues to marketing consultants and agencies.

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