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Using Fan Pages for List Building

Aravindh Singh has earned over $300,000 in Internet marketing CPA offers over the last year. He leads a team of 20 programmers in India, as a college dropout, following in the footsteps of Bill Gates.Aravindh Sing products

His methodology involves uses product launches pertaining to CPA offers. His affiliates have earned over $1.6 million via his product launches. As a result, he has mastered the art of building a list of buyers.

His ClickBooth CPA account has had almost 20,000 clicks and over $25,000 in earnings over the last several months and he has several accounts earning well above this level. His strategy is using Facebook fan pages for traffic.  How is he accomplishing this?

When building Facebook pages, Aravindh uses trend jumping, with Google’s trend discovery tool and Social Lead Engine, software to automate the process.  A test demonstration page can bee seen at on.fb.me/1cP62vq, which offers a viral opt-in form. The resulting list can be used to drive targeted CPA offers as a follow-up.

On a recent webinar, he shared 8 user engagement tricks that have been proven in his successful campaigns:

  1. The panic buster – keep your fans calm, which started in WW II – “Keep calm and carry on” can be tied into your niche.
  2. The to-do list – It’s easy to forget the list of tasks for your day.  Just tie into your niche, e.g.,Eat, Sleep, Pitbulls.”Which Pitbull?
  3. Say what?!? – Some inane content tied to your niche
  4. The ultimate choice – Get people fired up and voting what they like or dislike, e.g., “Which Pitbull looks more cuter.”
  5. The best damn fan – People want to be the best fan, naturally. Use http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?=928529234 as a link to the viewer’s own page.
  6. Action archery – Give directions in the form of arrows pointing to the actions you are seeking.
  7. Comment fishing – Post a word search puzzle and ask people what they see, which Aravindh used to get 1,730,197 views.
  8. Caption competition – Every human being on the planet has a competitive attitude, which will get people involved.  Just post a photo and ask for suggested captions from your fans, offering a small prize to the winner, e.g., a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

Although Aravindh has used CPA offers to earn from his Facebook pages, additional ways of monetizing viral traffic would naturally include affiliate offers, ecommerce, and promoting a brand.  Aravindh’s methods should be useful to anyone creating or curating content for their Facebook page.

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