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Traffic Generation Secrets – Leveraging Centers of Influence

Google, Facebook and joint ventures are three major examples of centers of influence.  Google and Facebook are too big without any laser-targeted focus, and therefore would be difficult to leverage.  Joint ventures are hyper-competitive and front-end heavy, but on any given day there are hundreds of potential products available to promote.  But by combining the viral properties of Facebook with a little bit sneaky joint venture partnership we can come up with a method of finding a center of influence inside of big centers of influence such as Facebook.

Facebook headquarters in downtown Palo Alto, C...
Facebook headquarters in downtown Palo Alto, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our criteria include only paying after results, choosing a venue that can be quickly tested, and one that isn’t abused by the masses  Here is one innovative method, recently devised by master marketer, Jason Fladlien:

Step 1 – Find people on Facebook, who sell products, that you have an affinity with, who you respect, and who have a responsive following of between 1,000 and 5,000 friends and a fan page of at least 1,000.

Step 2 – Use the principle of flattery to get them to endorse to your their followers, promote affiliate products with your ID attached, and be happy about it.  They’ll actually be promoting their own products to their own followers using your affiliate ID.

To do this, you’d create a Fan Page like: “Marlon Sanders is so cool.”  For the website, you could use one of Marlon’s products with your ID.  Make a flattering comment in the About section.  Static HTML iframe tabs can be added to the page, renaming to Home and make this the default landing page.  For content, you could write a review, while simultaneously dropping in your affiliate links.  An example is at iamstalkingjasonfladlien.com, although this is a website vs. fanpage, developed along the lines of this concept.

Every day spend only 17 minutes doing this process for one new person.  Within 30 days, Facebook’s viral properties will result in an average of $120 per day affiliate earnings, according to Fladlien.  Additional 5 methods will be presented live by Rapid Crush Consulting in their Traffic eClassGsniper offers additional traffic generation methods, based on Google.

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