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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We excerpt here, a post from SocialMedia Examiner, that explains how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  When you realize that LinkedIn has the best business database on the planet, with complete details on key business prospects for any B2B marketer, its Sales Navigator could be the most powerful sales tool ever seen.

Do you use LinkedIn to find prospects for your business?  Have you tried Sales Navigator?LinkedIn Sales navigator

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator helps you find and keep in touch with the right prospects at the right time.  In this article you’ll discover how to get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

When it comes to LinkedIn premium services, people often think of LinkedIn Pro with InMail messages. But LinkedIn offers many more tools targeted specifically to sales and marketing people. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the one that most people start with.

This social selling tool makes it easy to find relevant prospects for your business. It does this by providing in-depth user details and advanced search and filtering options.

LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial of Sales Navigator so you can test it out to see if it works for your business. When the trial ends, you can choose a professional account ($80 per month with 15 InMail messages) or a team account ($130 per month with 30 InMail messages). Note that TeamLink and full out-of-network access are available only with the team account.

Here’s how to get started using Sales Navigator for your business.

#1: Start Your Free Trial

To set up an account, go to the Sales Navigator page and click the Start Your Free Trial button. You’ll need to enter your credit card information to sign up for the 30-day free trial. (You won’t be charged if you cancel before the trial period ends.)

Read Full Article Here

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