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Automated Prospecting on LinkedIn


Cory and Ira of Mojo Video Marketing recently shared some of their LinkedIn marketing secrets on a public webinar, where they also offered an approach and automated method to those interested in expanding their own businesses through LinkedIn.


Although referrals and networking provide some of the best potential customers, these methods aren’t scalable and predictable.


Today, there are 330 million people on LinkedIn.  The average salary of members is $112K, vs. Facebook’s average salary of $62K, which makes it a veritable “gold mine” for marketers.  So what is the Mojo’s simple method of prospecting on LinkedIn?  The following is an “invite” they suggest sending:


Hi %%FName%%


I saw you here on LinkedIn, and wanted to reach out, introduce myself and connect with you!


I specialize in helping companies double, triple, or quadruple their clients and customers through {insert specific services you provide}.


I’m happy to offer you a 15 minute, free consult showing you LIVE how we can drive more business through your doors!


To schedule, all you have to do is call me at [phone number], email me at [email] or feel free to pick a time on my calendar that works for you: http://yourschedulinglink.com


Talk soon!


The use of a calendar link is very important, to save time and introduce the element of automation to your prospecting process.  In order to contact people you don’t know, LinkedIn offers several paid options.  But Mojo has an automated way to send 100 messages daily without a paid account.


Although, Cory and Ira have many good testimonials for their services, it does seem a little expensive, and after a little due diligence, we found some dissatisfied customer comments on the Ripoff Report website, that may need to be considered.






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