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A Three Step Formula for Marketing With Google Plus

On a recent Google Hangout, Internet marketing expert Jason Fladlien shared some very interesting facts and a method to leverage Google Plus.Jason Fladlien, Rapid Crush Inc.

The number 1 social media platform, in terms of penetration is Facebook, reaching 7/10 Internet users. In number 2 position is Google Plus with 5/10 Internet users. But having an account doesn’t mean anything if they never use it.

Of the Google Plus users, 1 in 5 are “active,” meaning they are posting content. And 60% login every day, and 80% every week, which means that messages reach farther in this platform, since the platform is relative quiet with lots of “consumers.”

From another perspective, in October 2013, Facebook had 809.8 million visits, whereas Google Plus had 1.2 billion visits. Although this counts every Gmail login, the fact is that all of the company’s properties are integrated, which is a powerful.  The most common activity in both Google and Facebook is uploading photos.

Jason, who is CEO of Rapid Crush, Inc., a $4.2 million company, was painting houses three years ago.  Today, he has already has 419 members in a private Google Plus community, who have each invested nearly $1,000 just to participate.  Based on his research, his three steps to success using Google Plus are:

  • Targeting the Right Audience – Since not all audiences are the same, it is important to target those who work most effectively in social media platform.  For Google Plus, the chosen audience must be easy to reach, large enough to generate 6-figures from a small percentage of the audience, be highly motivated to spend money in order to solve a pressing problem, and be willing to admit publicly to their problem.  Long posts (200 to 300 words) have been shown to be the most effective on Google Plus, whose audience is 60% male and likely to be professionals or engineers.
  • Acquiring a Vast Reach – Circles are an incredibly powerful tool to filter and research competitors, associates, and customers.  Finding a niche circle in your target market, makes is easy to quickly find and attract the audience you need, as well as seek out and partner with community “owners,” e.g., interview them in a Hangout.
  • Making Offers – Selling your own products, making affiliate offers, and offering services are all excellent ways to monetize your following.  For one example, circling local business owners and posting relevant content and offers, is a powerful marketing strategy that isn’t available in other venues.  In addition, events are another aspect with unlimited marketing possibilities.  Finally, Google authorship, can boost your authority in search results, since you have “claimed” the content, Helpouts can be used to engage clients, and automated gifs are uniquely available in Google Plus.



Google Plus was built to extend beyond the confines of social media, since it is connected to Google Search, YouTube, Google Docs, and anything and everything that Google does.  Jason has been working with Zane Miller to create the Plus Method, which may be the most cutting edge complete course available today for Google Plus.


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